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  1. O

    Ecommerce vs CPA lead gen?

    Hi all, I want to start a poll to get your opinion. If someone has $100 to invest, should they run ads to get ecommerce sales? Or should they run ads to generate CPA leads? What's easier with a small budget?
  2. Billblast

    Testing Products

    How would you go about testing multiple products without having to create a website for every product being tested?
  3. koka12

    Hi, How can I open a mollie account with LTD campaign to sell in Netherlands?

    Hi, How can I open a mollie account with LTD campaign to sell in Netherlands?
  4. koka12

    Fb Ads

    Hi, I'm still beginner, How can I analyse my fb data campaign? what should I read in metrics? can you help me to analyse that ?
  5. koka12


    I started dropshipping with 800 dollars and after 3 months I lose 755 dollar to get 3 sales, please help me or advise me I feel that I'm a loser, any suggestions or advice to restart with 45dollar (any methods for free traffic....)Crying Face
  6. R

    Direct ecommerce COD advertiser within EU

    Hi! I`m an direct advertiser (ecomm & nutra) of COD offers in Europe. We have been on the market for about 8 years and we have developed more than 400 in-house offers. See some examples of our in-house products: Money Amulet Tactic Pants Squid Game Mask Ceramic Coating Visbella Green Acne...
  7. koka12


    Hi, How can I open an account on facebook in USA for non-residents? (I try VPN but the account doesn't work)
  8. codekiwi

    Hello World!

    Hi to all, I am a freelance webdesigner, specialised in wordpress websites. Looking forward to help you all and learn new things.
  9. Honeybadger

    President Biden & Affiliate Marketing in 2021?

    Serious question, interested in any angle (don't care your politics) How does Joe Biden winning US presidential election change affiliate marketing, if at all? Does legislation change? Do you expect to see prepper/survival products selling in higher volume like when President Obama was in...
  10. IM_Newbie

    SEO For An Online Clothing Store

    Wondering how you guys optimize your category pages for SEO? Let´s take "Best Sellers" or "Collection" category pages for example. What would be your primary keyword to use for the page title? H1? On most of the sites I see when running a small Google search I see just "Best Sellers" or...
  11. Honeybadger

    E-Commerce & SEO Training by Google

    Posted in last 24 hours
  12. juliusjooste

    Photography V2.0 - New ways creatives can earn in the information age.

    Hi Everyone, I'm so very pleased to be part of this community. My name is Julius Jooste and I'm a visual artist who mainly focuses on photography. I'm very passionate about art and technology and I like to think that I operate on the intersection where those two disciplines meet. I've...
  13. Sylvia Nguyen

    Affiliates Wanted I'm come from Qikify and our Affiliate Program has just been launched. Let's talk

    Hi all, I'm Sylvia of Qikify - a trusted Shopify expert. Recently we've just launched an Affiliate Program, which is opened to offer benefits for potential partners in exchange of marketing activities. Our Program has seven (07) sub-programs which are corresponding to seven Qikify applications...
  14. D

    "relatively" new here

    “Relatively” new here. Hi everyone) Many of the people here know me as I’ve used to work for quite a long time (8-10 years) for a well-known affiliate network/advertiser. Since nothing lasts forever, I’m thankful for the years of experience I gathered in online entertainment and advertising...
  15. Mia Wu

    I want to work with CPS ecom affiliate network or publishers

    Does anyone can recommend ecommerce affiliate network or ecommerce publishers for me? Our company wants to sell our drones in US, UK, JP and want to find someone who can bring in online traffic and work on CPS model. We already have amazon sales volumes, but we want expand the volume except...
  16. rose@bluefriday

    Greetings from China! Hi this is Rose@BlueFriday

    sorry guys this thread is being edited, please view other posts.
  17. Aoife

    Affiliates Wanted Earn as much as $275 for every successful referral

    The xSellco Affiliate Program is now accepting affiliates of all sizes. xSellco provides online retailers with dedicated eCommerce solutions they need to support quicker, grow faster and sell more! We offer 10% revenue share for the first 12 months from the date your referral becomes a paid...
  18. Daria_WapEmpire

    E-commerce at Wapempire: get what you really need!

    WapEmpire announces a new start: now e-commerce offers are available. We start with the most attractive direct offers, including Asian snack boxes, smoking staff, health products and more. What makes our campaigns unique? We work with direct advertisers only and add exactly what you ask for...
  19. Shubham Ghildiyal

    Cost per sale traffic!

    Hi, I am looking for traffic sources, in terms of CPS(cost per sale) model. I would be looking people good with Social media, E-mail Marketing, Blogs traffic, SEM. I have very good offers to promote, which are carrying extremely good amount of traffic to there websites, with on an average 30...
  20. T J Tutor

    STOP Wasting Money On Your E-commerce Campaigns

    Oliver Kenyon tips us on the needs of a productive scheme with your eComm store.