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  1. abrahman

    Can anyone help me to earn?

    I'm new cpa marketing. I want to earn. I'm trying much but i can't get atleast one lead. I'm really hopeless now. What can I do now?? Can anyone help me to earn some $? Please
  2. M

    Newbie issues

    Hey guys! I’m pretty new to the Affiliate World. Im starting off with in-app CPI offers for iOS and Android through my traffic source. My verticals are gaming, dating, gambling. I’m not using a tracker at the moment but I’m having difficulty getting conversions. Like “0”. At this point I’m not...
  3. B

    Can CPI offer run on Facebook ads.

    can we run CPI offer on facebook ads and achieve soft or hard KPI. If you have any other suggestion then please let me know.
  4. Rosario Galeano

    Seahorse mobile Director - looking direct Traffic

    Hi group! I am Rosario, Director in Seahorse Mobile Partner. We have lot of campaigns looking for more traffic so here I send you some information: - CPI : kr jp au uk us sp fr - CPA: kr jp au uk us sp fr - CPL: LATAM and Spain. - we work by api, s2s , pixel. Net 30 terms Payoneer and paypal...
  5. Jay Patel

    Hello guys..

    Hello to everyone! So happy to be here! I am Jay from ADdrawTech and I'm just a freshman, starting out in this industry. Very eager to know more, absolutely fascinated on all what comes to Affiliate Marketing and CPI. Thanks for accepting registration! Best wishes to everyone here!
  6. Abraham DiGiAff

    Looking For Top DSP on Performance basis.

    Hey folks, Could you suggest us, Top DSP on performance basis and payment terms only PostPaid.
  7. Sagar Mehta

    Got Traffic ? Read below.

    We are looking for new traffic partners who can drive traffic on CPI, CPA, and CPL on campaigns. if you have quality traffic sources can reach KPIs and can make good numbers on daily basis, let's contact us and we can make a very good number of revenue. Payment terms: NET-30. Payoneer, PayPal...
  8. Sagar Mehta

    Hello everyone

    I have total experience of almost 3 years now. Here to learn & share ideas as well as to expand my business. I am Co Founder of ADdrawTech Network and we are in search of Quality traffic sources. I would like to make new collaborations.
  9. Abraham DiGiAff

    Hiring Remote Affiliate Manager needed

    Hello Folks, Urgently looking for Supply Manager / Affiliate Manager from ad tech at least 2 years Exp. Affiliate Manager Job Role : You have to recruit Direct Publisher/App/website owner and make a strong publisher base. Representing company in meetings, forums and conferences. Interested...
  10. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Looking for CPI Mobile Traffic

    Hello Folks, Hope you are doing well. We are looking direct inventory for our direct CPI mobile offers or 1 Jump offers with high payout. Top Geo : US,UK,CA,KR,JP,ID OS: IOS/AOS if you have please let me know
  11. Brijesh Soni

    Looking for Publishers

    Hello All, We are DigiClickss and we are looking for new publishers who have quality CPI, CPA, CPS traffic and can reach KPIs. We have so many direct campaigns, NET30 payment system. Let us know if you are interested to make more money, we are the best.
  12. Idvert

    Who isn't attending AWA 18 in Thailand?

    Hye, I'm farjad, manager in Idvert affiliate network that's best for you in CPI and COD Offers. Meet us in AWA 18 in Thailand. Booth: A 30. Date: 5-6 December. For more details, offers or booking a meeting, Please feel free to contact us. Contact: Skype: thefarjadqureshi Email...
  13. ADdrawTech Network

    Looking new Traffic Sources

    Hello Members, We are ADdrawTech and working on CPI business model, we have direct and semi-direct CPI campaigns for WW goes. We are looking for new traffic sources for them who can deliver quality traffic to them and can reach KPIs. Kindly suggest who work only on post-payment terms. Waiting...
  14. ADdrawTech Network

    Looking for Traffic Sources

    Hello Members, We are ADdrawTech and working on CPI, CPA, CPL business models. Currently, we are looking for Traffic Sources like In-App, Media Buying, Mobile Web, DSP, SSP, and many more. if you have lets connect over Skype live:brijesh_227.
  15. B

    Apidge - a bridge to connect api interface

    Hi everyone We are apidge, the api integration platform. We provide the function that u can get offer from your advertiers automatically. u can check our website by the link : we have integrated many system.for example: Source System: FuseClick, Affise, OffersLook Yeahmobi, Avazu...
  16. ADdrawTech Network

    Looking for Publisher

    Dear Members, We are ADdrawTech, working on CPI business model, We are looking for publishers (Company, Individual, Media buyers) who can reach KPIs and can give quality traffic on Non-Incent sources. We have direct and semi-direct CPI Offers for WW geos, NET30,15, and 7 Payment Terms, PayPal...
  17. ADdrawTech Network

    CPI Traffic Sources

    Hello Guys, We are looking for CPI Traffic sources, who can deliver good quality of traffic, reach KPIs, have good CR. if you have quality CPI traffic we have a big budget for you. Let's connect on Skype (live:brijesh_227) for further discussion.
  18. Sophia Loren

    best cpi advertising site to promote affiliate cpi offers

    please give me some best cpi advertising site to promote my affiliate cpi apps.
  19. Jacko014

    Just Started with CPI

    Hey, guys I Just hit the CPI got the offer after joining the Affiliate network, The offer looking good but it's for Russia so I made an Acc at VK "Russian social network". to Run an ad anybody tried VK before? Any suggestions? And one more thing can anyone provide a good Tracking tool provides...

    How to start with CPM

    Hello, I want to start with CPM marketing, i already have idea of CPI marketing and now i want to start with other model which is CPM. So Can anyone guide me how to start with CPM/CPC means what do i need to do ? From where i can find CPM campaigns and where i can promote it ? Which is best...