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cpa beginner

  1. Rogermoola

    CPA offers for the MMO niche

    where can I get online marketing CPA offers that aren't scams... I have a list that I want to promote CPA offers to in the make money online niche, possibly email submissions, etc. I get 100 leads a day but I haven't made a sale yet, which CPA network has the best offers in the make money...
  2. Syed A1

    Push Notification Impression Tracking

    Hi, Q-1 I want to test some push notification campaigns with @PropellerAds, @MegapushChris and @Evadav. I need to understand how my tracker will do impressions tracking of campaign or even is it possible with push campaigns to track impression events in tracker. I know with pop traffic...
  3. Amaka N

    Hello Everyone! I’m new to CPA and I need help.

    Hi everyone, I’m Amaka. I’m very very new to CPA marketing and have a lot of questions like what is the best user friendly affiliate network for beginners? how does one start up a landing page and what Is It supposed to look like? What are the best free medium for promoting offers n how do I use...
  4. R

    Need suggestion for CPA network

    Could anyone please suggest me legit CPA network with weekly payout & minimum payout is ~~$50. Niche-Dating. Again, except dating niche, on which niche & network a newbie should start working with (Traffic source cold email)? Thanks in advance.
  5. M

    introducing my self and getting help

    hi, my name is mohamed iam a newbie. i know that the steps for launcing a campaign are : 1- selecting offer 2- prepare a landing page 3- select a traffic source 4- launching it i want to know if there are any missing steps i don't about ..and if i have a 2 account in 2 different cpa network...
  6. B

    Came back to cpa with 2000$ in budget, need Help guyes ??!

    Hello well first off i'm Bilel , and i start working online since 2016 so i'm not such an expert, the first thing that i liked was CPA marketing, i loved it so much not only for the money for all the process landing pages, tracker, spying, .... i knew i needed some real money to start this...
  7. A

    A newbie needing help for CPA

    Am happy to be here finally as a registered member. I have been visiting this forum almost daily for about 6months now searching for a way to make money in CPA. I have been approved in three good networks with enticing offers. CPAGRIP, CPALEAD, ADWORKMEDIA are the networks that I've been...
  8. Matte

    Road to $500 a Day - CPA Marketing

    Hi everyone! Short introduction. I been doing a lot of Shopify in the past but with no real success, just some minor ones. Started doing CPA marketing about a month ago, never really committed fully. During this time with CPA marketing I have tested several campaigns and offers with around...
  9. R

    NEED kik adult cpa method.and bot...

    Hello I am old experianced cpa marketer. I worked many Server with CL leads and Adult traffic with adult offers. I have been worked on craiglist . Now I want to try something new So I need expert helps. Please If anyone know about KIK or similer type bot then please ping me.
  10. M

    e-Mail list for email submit offers

    Hello, I am new to CPA marketing and I have following questions. In almost all training videos I seen, everyone asks me to use a landing page and collect email of users before sending them to offer page. Will it make sense to ask users to submit their email IDs and name and then send them to...
  11. Z

    Ask Me Anything CPA offers with SEO

    Hi. I begin a campaign with 2 or 3 products on a general review website (currently monetized only with Amazon). So the website already has some authority. The first will be Dermagen IQ in France with a free trial. What i do first I currently make keyword research for maximum long tail...
  12. Liean070

    Peerfly with popads traffic

    Hi I want to promote peerfly offers with popads traffic. Anyone help me which offers I pick and can I earn good money with popads traffic. Thank you
  13. walterzingo

    CPA Tutorial

    Hello everyone I'm new to CPA and interested in learning something new.
  14. Cpadaniel

    Introducing My Self

    Hello, I am Daniel a freelancer on Fiverr but willing to venture into CPA offers. I really don't know much about CPA or Affiliate marketing. Willing to connect with anyone here on affiliateFix.
  15. R

    New in cpa

    Recently i got approved in affiliate network called playbeat. i applied for a offer and also got approved and it's give me Tracking link. when i past this Tracking link on my browser it redirects to anthore page. this is a google playstor offer, but it's ridirects to anthore page as i am very...
  16. recurring_dreams

    How to send solo html emails from max bounty

    Hey guys, I am fairly new to this whole cpa thing, when I want to send emails for some max bounty offers, I click on solo email - text or solo email html, and then when I want to get the tracking code it says "Copy this tracking code to your html:" My question is how do I do this? I am...
  17. Pranto

    Buying Traffic Need Adult CPA traffic source Help from Pro

    Hello, I'm an adult cpa marketer .now I'm using craiglist traffics to my pps iFrame offers.I do email marketing using craiglist w4m leads.But I want to move from this traffics SO, is there any one who can help me for traffics ?like media buy, or make adult blogs ?Just need a proper guide for...
  18. hswhsw97

    So... Now what should I start doing ?

    Hi there guys, So I just got approved to an affiliate network, What should I start doing ? (eg set up domain,talk to AM,) I am interested in learning more about CPA offers, any advice? Thanks !:):)
  19. harvey6032

    Certified Newbie

    Greetings everyone, I've been browsing the web and I finally landed on this forums. I have been searching on how to get about earning through CPA. I've read certain posts and forums but they don't seem to answer my questions that I have. Hoping that this forum would lighten my understanding...