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  1. M

    Newbie issues

    Hey guys! I’m pretty new to the Affiliate World. Im starting off with in-app CPI offers for iOS and Android through my traffic source. My verticals are gaming, dating, gambling. I’m not using a tracker at the moment but I’m having difficulty getting conversions. Like “0”. At this point I’m not...
  2. J

    Sales in Affiliate Marketing

    Hi All, I am fairly new to this, I have been promoting various products including online courses, Software products on offer. I have done social media marketing, websites, youtube channel, Email marketing. I have had 13k of Traffic however no sales. Wanted to know what are some successful ways...
  3. Vlad_13

    Google Analytics

    I didn’t find a thread about GA, so decided to write here. Probably you’ll help me, because Google support didn’t help me. I have 2 domains. Customers register on the first domain, and on the second they made payments. Accordingly, each domain has its own account in GA. I set up goals on both...
  4. R

    FB Optimization Question

    Hello, Do you guys have any sort of thumbrule for when you'd give up on a given offer? I'm running a $20 CPA offer right now on FB and have just 2 conversions so far on almost $300 spent.. Just curious as to when you really decide to move on to another offer. Thank you!
  5. Trellian

    Selling Traffic High-Converting Domain Redirect Traffic | Keyword/RON Campaigns | All Verticals

    Since 2008, our Direct Search Network has provided the highest quality domain redirect traffic to affiliate marketers, lead generators, and startups worldwide via keyword or RON campaigns. We offer a real-time bidding platform and get our traffic directly from Trellian-owned No middle...
  6. J

    Facebook Affiliate Troubleshoot

    Hi All, So I have for past 3 years on and off built a Facebook page promoting discounts and offers for products using then associated affiliate links to make sales and such. I have a page which has 27,000 active likes 99% of them being women and over 80% between age 25 and 45. I've tried to...
  7. PropellerAds

    Event [FREE WEBINAR] - How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro

    Dear partners! Still struggling to drive conversions from your Popunder ad campaigns? There’s nothing to worry about as PropellerAds will bring clarity to how you can radically improve your measurable results on Popunder campaigns! Join PropellerAds for a FREE webinar on March 27 to learn...
  8. Trellian

    Selling Traffic Domain Redirect Traffic Search-level Intent. Display Prices

    Since 2008, Trellian Direct Search Network has provided the highest quality domain redirect traffic to affiliate marketers, lead generators, and startups worldwide via keyword and RON campaigns. We offer a real-time bidding platform and get our high intent type-in redirect traffic directly from...
  9. Farazdaq

    Clicks and conversions discrepancy

    Hello, What could be the reason behind difference in clicks as on my platform clicks are different and on my advertiser's platform clicks are different And also i have faced this issue with conversions too at our platform conversions are different and at advertiser's platform conversions are...
  10. S

    Website Traffic

    How to convert website visitor to customer?
  11. Iraklee

    Buying Traffic 22 FRESH, DIRECT Pin-Submit Offers

    My Friends, I've had a good hunting last week and would like to share my trophies with you. Fresh pin-submits directly from content providers! No crazy redirected chains, offers are opening and converting very fast. All of them have creatives and modern style landing pages. Enjoy your meal...
  12. Donald C. Obii

    My Journey to $100/day & beyond (Tools: Bing, Wordpress (ThriveTheme), TrackingDesk & My BIG noggin

    Hello everyone!! I joined AffiliateFix last week... I believe i was Wednesday. However, I only just signed up for the Dojo this afternoon, and so far I'm liking what i'm seeing. Now, I would like to get right to the 'meat and potatoes' of this post. I'm on my journey to hitting my first...
  13. Cazzius

    Airpush always tons of clicks, zero conversions

    Why everytime i try a campaign in Airpush, it gets 2000/3000 clicks and ZERO or max 1 conversion? How's that possible? There is no logic in this, 2000/3000 people click and go to the playstore and NO ONE download/install the game or app for a second? Tried it with various games/apps, various...
  14. MariaV

    Solar leads and quality

    Solar is certainly huge right now, and constantly growing but.. Why do you think it's so difficult to find good solar leads? No seriously guys, what's going on with all those returns/never applied/etc.?
  15. T

    About me -- Ted C.

    Hi everybody, My name's Ted and I'm pretty new to affiliate marketing. I live in Asia although I'm originally from California. I run two sites which I recently started. Like I said, I'm new to affiliate marketing and no doubt will ask some questions which may be common knowledge to...
  16. T

    Where Do You send YOUR email traffic?

    Anyone who answers this from experience is friggin awesome and will always be known as friggin awesome :) In your experience, do you find it better to send email traffic to a presell page on your blog, or direct to an offer? What keeps your list happy and your conversions higher? Barring...
  17. A

    Affiliate Network setup on AdsBridge

    AdsBridge prepared new case study for our dear affiliates. Share your opinion and experience with us, ask any question here and maybe you’ll see yours in our weekly user guide. Explore and develop new skills with AdsBridge, make more money and stay updated all the time. You’ve already know how...
  18. cordrick callaway

    Master CPA Offers

    Hello! CC here, I am here to learn how to master online marketing and learn and get advice from the seasonal marketers. Peace
  19. D

    Anyone have conversion results with direct linking?

    Im planning on starting to become an affiliate but dont have the cash right now to start paying for monthly services like hosting and autoresponders. Are conversions still profitable with sending traffic directly to my sales page?