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  1. Md. Masudul Hasan

    How to increase the youtube channel video views?

    Anybody successful youtubers in here. I need some suggestions. Please visit my youtube channel and give me some tips, tricks and techniques. Search me on youtube: masudbcl
  2. Md. Masudul Hasan

    Search me on youtube : masudbcl and kindly check the stats.

    Hello Youtubers Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. Let it know that I got monetization approval on 6th January 2021. Today is 40th day. Kindly check the screenshot with attachment. I hope you will give me the suggessions about my youtube channel views increase. Search Youtube...
  3. Md. Masudul Hasan

    My youtube journey to get monetization approval.

    Hello Friends and every one Hope you are all well. I have a very much good news. I got youtube monetization approval. Search me on youtube: masudbcl I was learning youtube SEO for the last 13 months. After 12 months I have decided to make my videos popular. Some community helped me a lot and...
  4. Abdul Mupit

    Does Blogspot still worth to compete in Google search?

    Hi, i have a question about reliability of blogspot now a day. I really curious, does blogspot still have power to compete with other platform in search engine? If SEO really care about content originality, good structural, good keyword targeting, good article that give answer for people or...
  5. B

    Picking a Sub-Niche

    Hi guys, I decided that I am going to focus and stick to affliate marketing and not CPA marketing mainly because I want to build a brand and stick to one thing. I want to focus on something that I am passionate about and for me that is football (soccer). How can I find unique ideas for a...
  6. Rozgarkidunya

    Hellow Every One

    My name is Muhammad Shakeel Khan I am so happy today beacuse i am here with you..I would like you told you about my self i am professional blogger youtuber seo expert and many more you can ask any thing reletated my field
  7. P

    Introducing Pankaj Raghav - The Blogger

    Hi AffiliateFix Members, My name is Pankaj Raghav, a blogger and run a website names DigiToolsCoupons. I have a decade of experience in SEO industry working with clients from India, USA, AUS and Canada mainly. My target to from by affiliate website DigiToolsCoupons is to make it achieve the...
  8. Leonard Moore


    Hi, everyone , my name is Leonard Moore and I am a new member to this forum. I am a entrepreneur, blogger, Podcaster and vlogger (Youtuber). I am very pleased to be here if there is anything that I can do for you all please let me know.
  9. LinkCollider

    Place where you can pay blogger to blog my website

    Hi Guys, I'm new at marketing and I'm having hard time finding a blogger who can featured my website. Do you know a network or hub website where all bloggers are lurking and where I can pay them to blog my website? I greatly appreciate any help!
  10. M

    Hi, I'm a new affiliater

    I introduce our life in Europe to Japanese people by my blog.
  11. Abid Hyder43772

    I am a Professional Blogger

    Hi Friends welcome, This Is a Professional .I love doing work which make a ,that's why i love .You will love exploring on my .Live your as much as you can because "Your time is limited so don't waste it by living someone else" ~~Bill Gates~~ 100
  12. CertifiedSammy

    Hello, I am Samuel

    Hello, My name is Samuel. I was redirected here after confirming my account and it says i should introduce myself to the community. Again, my name is Samuel and i am a blogger. Basically, i blog at TechsNG Blog which is a blog based on technology. There in, i share tutorials relating to...
  13. Akshar Mohan

    Howdy! This is Akshar from HowToCracker | Blogger & Marketer

    What's up guys... This is Akshar Mohan from HowToCracker (Blog about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Investments, Business, and more). And from now on I'll be contributing to this Affiliate Community by answering your general affiliate queries...
  14. Mcfranc

    I want to Offer FREE Wordpress Blog Design For the First 5 Persons

    Hello, My name is Franklin and I am new here. I have taken time to read lots of interesting threads here. They are really inspiring. I may be able to get started by offering a FREE service here. I am a web developer and I can help the first 5 persons here with a new wordpress blog design. You...
  15. Zohaib Jahan

    Blogger by Passion and Engineer by Profession

    Hi, Here is Zohaib Jahan from Pakistan. I'm doing full time job as Engineer and working as Blogger and Marketer on my Blogs.
  16. Aadil Shah

    I am Adil Shah, A Young Entrepreneur from INDIA

    Hi, I am Adil Shah from INDIA, I am working online as a blogger and Freelancer. I am also doing and learning Affiliate Marketing and that is the reason I joined the forum.
  17. I

    How do i set up a landing page on blogger?

    I just made a landing page on I'mcreator but now i don't know how to set it up on blogger. Can someone please show me how to do it?
  18. shafi kasmani

    Amazing Rs 19540 Profits Generated FREE Blogs Traffic

    Last 1 or 2 years i started to make 5 to 10 blogs about hosting niches and india target after some months FREE organic traffic came and i surprised generate money profits You must make 10 to 20 blogs about one any niche product and you will earn soon sure! if one blog but it is not easy! if...
  19. FrancisAdams

    Newbie from India seeking answers to queries

    I have bought two domains on, which I plan to monetize through Affiliate Marketing. I have yet to to start writing or creating content for them. I have several queries before i start. 1) Are there good affiliate marketing opportunities available that provide and offer you ads /...
  20. Betpractice

    Looking For Affiliates To Promote Football (Soccer) Betting Tools 25% Commission

    Hi, Looking for established affiliates to promote a portfolio of Sports Betting Tools. Ideally, I am looking for a football blogger or football odds tipster that can push our products on web, social and email. Bet Practice specialises in creating intuitive betting tools based on a extensive...