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  1. Swapan CS

    A big fan of Internet marketing learning from every thread

    I'm an author of my inbound marketing blog and big enthusiast to learn and write on the issues of search-referral-direct-forum traffic. You might find my presence in quora by I'd like to stay with this worthy forum to learn the things for...
  2. ishop6dotnet

    Google not the best thing for business :(

    I dont know where to put this post so im posting this here. the admin can change it if you want. Right Im starting more and more to hate google and everything about google. Google Adwords, google adsense , google´s they always keeps changing thier rules and policy and deleting...
  3. Nirmalya Saha

    welcome review my new blog

    Hello Everybody I'd love some tips and critiques about my Blog: about guide to new blogger and recommendation some good resource.
  4. Nirmalya Saha

    Hello All

    Hi Everyone i am Nirmalya and i am a new blogger(Blog name is Bloggertrack). Its about Blogging and affiliate marketing. Need yours help dude!
  5. Nirmalya Saha

    New be in a Blogger

    Hi I am Nirmalye, a new Blogger.
  6. parasdhankecha


    hey, i m paras dhankecha, i writing currently on how to make money online. i m blogger
  7. thehandbaghoe

    Blogger newbie

    Hi, I'm Jess from I've been public for a month but I'm now seeking new and fresh readers for my content. I just got approved for google ad sense so that's been great! I'm now trying to upgrade my posts as well and create high quality content :) It's nice to meet you all,it...
  8. A

    Repurposing blog posts into videos

    Hi blogger! I’m reaching out to you for a bit of help for my start-up First I’ll tell you what we’re doing. Vidooya allows bloggers (without any video production knowledge ) to turn their written content into engaging videos in 3 simple steps, by turning words into voice (TTS or...
  9. Jainam

    Network Wanted Looking Australia Affiliate Networks and Blogger

    Hello All, I am looking for the Best Australia Affiliate Networks for promote my brand across the Australia. i will ready to provide handsome Commission for that also, so can you suggest me affiliate networks for Australia and New Zealand Also need help for Australia and New Zealand Based...
  10. Jainam

    Best Affiliate Networks in Australia & New Zealand

    Hello All, I want to promote my canvas prints products on Australia and New Zealand, for that looking for great affiliate networks and blogger, so if you know any great affiliate networks or blogger then share with me.
  11. guyperl

    Hello, i am Guy Perl - Social Travel Blogger at TravelionX

    Hi Everyone, My name is Guy Perl and i am Travel Blogger on my own website: TravelionX I love to travel around the world and write posts on beautiful and interesting places. I have tested many Affiliate Networks on my website and on my social networks, and in my following posts on AffiliateFix...
  12. thecollector

    Hi im jeff

    Jeff the collector Im new here and i have a couple of websites and do blogging ..but i am here to learn more about CPA marketing , as this is something i haven't been able to crack yet.. :( Jeff
  13. Anna Davidson

    Introduction! :)

    Hi, My name is Anna and I'm an advertiser and publisher (blogger) working all across Europe, the US and also MENA region. Been an affiliate manager for a beauty brand for over 6 years now! Lovely to meet you all. Just checking in here to see if I can learn some more! Or maybe help people
  14. akolipenoukou

    A New Member in the Forum

    Hi guys, I've just joined the forum and I would want to introduce myself to you. My name is Akoli Penoukou. I live in Lome, the capital city of the small West African country of Togo. I am a teacher, translator, affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate and a blogger. I have been doing...
  15. G

    how to promote affiliate link via blogger or wordpress

    i want to know from a perfect affiliate marketer who is get affiliate sell regularly by blogger or wordpress free there any secret stratagy?
  16. chareal

    Is Blogger dead or it still is lucrative?

    I have an idea, and right now I'm looking for some ways so get some money and get a website up and running. But since blogger is free and I have like 3 years experience in setting blogs and know my way through HTML editing, I want to know if it is still alive? I don't care how much time will it...