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  1. Sergollio

    AD agency looking for EU and Asia traffic

    Hi all, my name is Sergio, i'm working in advertising for 5 years. I'm interesting in CPA but working with CPM. I'm looking for video, display banner, push traffic in EU and Asia for gambling offers.
  2. Alex Maxim

    Banners, PPC Copy, Email Copy – Which Creatives Work Best for Affiliates in 2019?

    Hey there guys, I hope that this post finds you all in excellent spirits, and that you are having a marvelous end to August. We were just wondering if you had any opinions – if backed up with citations, all the better – about which creatives work best for affiliates in 2019. We have heard so...
  3. Gibster

    I need a DSP that does PMP deals with IndexExchange

    Hello everyone, An advertiser I really want to work with has created a PMP deal for me on the IndexExchange. However, I am finding it really hard to access this deal as I haven't found a DSP that works with them. If you guys know of any DSPs/companies that will allow me to access this deal...
  4. T J Tutor

    Announcement What Affiliate Marketing Tools Do You Use The Most?

    The team at AffiliateFix is working to put together future opportunities with the tools you use most frequently! • Tell us briefly which software tools would you prefer to have free, lifetime access to? • What tools do you use the most? Examples: Adspy/competitive research tools, keyword...
  5. F

    Adult banners

    Hey all. Who make good banners for the ad? I need gif banner's 305*99;300*250*300*100.
  6. DK-OMS

    Using existing banners?

    Hey guys, I´m just wondering if you guys are using existing banners / graphic material provided by the offer (Mobile).
  7. P

    Advertising on website 1 000 000 pageviews monthly

    Hi I'm owner of a website in entertainment category, 10-15k uv daily, for now ~ 1 000 000 impressions monthly but growing every week 5-10% Traffic: 35% from USA 10% from UK 5% from Canada 5% from Australia 5% from NZ, Ireland, South Africa The rest are from worldwide I would like to sell ad...
  8. Liza.RedFireAds

    account manager

    Hi! I'm Liza - an account manager at RedFireAds. We are mobile CPI ad network with a media buying department. We have a big pool of great and exclusive campaigns for our publishers, and we're always open for new ones. So we're looking for new collaborations in both directions. Feel free to...
  9. ishop6dotnet

    Selling Selling Adult banner spot

    Hi there how are you? I have a adult website that have around 200-600 visitors daily and got traffic mostly from USA im selling now adult/non-adult banner spot on my website for cheap price 1 month $10 2 month $15 3 month $25 Banner size that we accept is: 728x90 950x250 (recommended)...
  10. HelenN

    Why this site has so many banner ads?

    I can not believe there is a site on the world are putting so many banner ads like this site Webmaster Sun - The #1 Internet Marketing Forum, SEO & Marketplace, just curious why they are having so many ads on their site? If this is main source of their revenue I would start a same site and earn...
  11. W

    How does Paid Traffic source work ?

    Hi, I'm a newbie in the marketing field, and I'm a little bit confused. I'm willing to promote some CPA offers using Paid Traffic Sources, but what's triggering me is, how does those "Paid Traffic Sources" promote my offers? Are they using Popups,Banners...? What is exactly the Traffic I'm...
  12. CoolSpot

    Banner Ad Sizes

    Hey guys, I am setting up an affiliate program for my new site. Just wanted to get some input from you guys on your most used banner sizes so I can get some made up. Shortly I am going to be looking to recruit affiliates onto the program. The commission structure is set as follows: Group...
  13. B

    Newbie looking for someone who can make nice banners

    Hello, I have been an affliate for almost a year now and i am making a living on it but not as good as i read here sometimes. So i set up a adult toys shop and i am looking for some who can make some nice banners for me? I am looking for about 5 banners in the size 300x250. If you can make...
  14. Iraklee

    Looking For Media traffic source

    Dear Friends, Please advice where would be possible to buy banner and teaser traffic? Any additional information like which of the sources are better and why is welcome. I rely on your wise opinion.
  15. DaynaAdnium

    Selling Traffic Quality Banner Traffic

    Contact me @ daynagsmi if you're looking for high quality banner traffic from premium dating platforms! Adnium's advanced targeting will help you drive relevant traffic to your offers, and we're more than happy to walk you through initial campaign set-up, suggest white-list worthy sources, etc.
  16. DaynaAdnium

    Selling English Speaking 300x250 NTV Impressions

    Hello, I've got a healthy supply of English Speaking, desktop 300x250 banner impressions available at great rates. The traffic comes from direct 'adult' publishers. daynagsmi on Skype if you would like to discuss it further (white-listing also available).
  17. B

    Announcement 40$ landers - 5$ Banners

    BANNERS & LANDERS is TAKING ORDERS RIGHT NOW! Here's how you can order! The problem: Many affiliates struggle with coding, and/or banner design. The solution:BannersLandersDOTcom Let me introduce, a new service offered by our outsourcing company. We have in house designers...
  18. B


    LET ME INTRODUCE A service offered by our outsourcing company. We have in house designers who have been already working with some of you to create banners, as well as landing pages that meet your needs.
  19. H

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for affiliates in the Movie, TV show or Gaming niche.

    My name is Jeff and my goal is to find true business partners that will work with our Ad Program to grow their site's revenue. If you're an affiliate looking to deal with the Ad Program used by some of the most popular sites in the niche then you found it. They use us because we know how to...
  20. internalsoul

    List Of Free Tools To Create Banners

    I'm being asked questions about free tools for banner creation, so thought of compiling a list of free tools for banner creators so that everybody can be benefited from it. As we know banners are integral part of advertisement and plays a great role. If you are looking for a banner maker tool...