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  1. T

    Hi I need a work, please give me some work in online,

    Contact me : At Linkedin : Thug Tohid
  2. Keitaro

    Tips on How to Retest Your Offers

    With our partner, CPARK affiliate network, we have prepared special tips for you on how to retest your offers. After all, testing is great, but retesting is everything. You should always check your campaign, find the weak places, and strengthen them. But how are you supposed to figure out that...
  3. Ghid

    Personal presentation

    Hello everyone, My name is Mirko, and I'm pleased to be part of this community. I'm doing affiliate marketing since 2019, I tried a lot of affiliate network, product and strategies. My current strategy is promoting 1 lifetime-commission product (with different kind of traffic methods), which...
  4. Naomi_mimarosa

    Great News for quality traffic holders!!!

    Hey everyone, We are very happy to announce that we have launched several top converting offers with top GEO's with good payment terms. You can visit our network or can ask anything here if you have got any queries. Thank you
  5. Differenceone

    How do you get traffic to your website when you don't have a lot of following?

    Discover which channels drive traffic to your competitors' websites. Also, you can create a blog page on that website and start blogging about Your website, Educate people about it with powerful content. Get on social media and create a business page for your website and start posting images...
  6. A

    email marketing

    hello , I'm an email marketer and I'm looking for azure accounts with open port 25. anyone can help?
  7. L

    Looking For Tips on how to get people interested on affiliate marketing.

    Hi, good day, this is Jordan from lasthr(dot)com any tips or techniques on how to get people interested in affiliate marketing? We are starting a small business and we want people to join and earn money online. Thanks in advance. Our website. lasthr(dot)com
  8. ChadNedland

    Monetize your affiliate offers before the sale!

    I know that this may sound a little odd. I have been doing this for very thing for the last few years. I know that when we are stepping into aff marketing we are looking at many different statistics to determine profitability. One of the big ones is that of the Bump offer or Upsell. I asked...
  9. gideonn

    How to make $1500 in aday with affiliate.

    Hey there, Would really like to know how to make money online as a beginner using a free platform that generates money with quick Results I lost my job recently and I will really appreciate your help on this one. I need money quickly Am stressed , Don't have any money to invest on any platform...
  10. S

    Becoming an Affiliate

    If you can either write articles or have the promotion and marketing knowledge to publicize articles that others write, becoming an affiliate for several companies may be a great way for you to generate a good income right from your own home. You can do this by receiving part of the revenue off...
  11. Adverteraff

    Affiliates Wanted We have super offers for you!

    we have new offers as well as smartlink with super offers you can register with us and earn money
  12. Constantine Miller

    Looking for Affiliate Marketers!

    Hi there, We are super excited to announce the launch of our new affiliate program where you can earn rewards on every referred sale! So we'd greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about our product! We understand that these days “word of mouth” referrals are important for any...
  13. F

    Review AffilaiteAds CPA Network Not Pay their Affiliate.

    Hi, I am Firojul from Bangladesh. I have sent traffic to AffiliateAds CPA network ( and got 12 conversions ($1200) (Attached). My payout date is over but they did not pay yet. In the Krafty skype group, Many affiliate marketers not get paid yet (Attached). Now I am seeking help...
  14. A.A. Qureshi

    Announcement Earn the maximum commissions on your Affiliate Sales

    The holiday season is coming and this year we want to celebrate with the AffiliateFix family. So far, my experience in the community had been really, and hence, I would love to share a bit of joy with the forum members. This festive get ready to earn the highest commissions on your affiliate...
  15. S

    Self Made Affiliate Marketer

    I'm an intermediate affiliate marketer who have self made affiliate and digital marketing skills.
  16. abrahman

    Can anyone help me to earn?

    I'm new cpa marketing. I want to earn. I'm trying much but i can't get atleast one lead. I'm really hopeless now. What can I do now?? Can anyone help me to earn some $? Please
  17. zakaria intaj

    My first 7k with web hosting affiliate programe.

    Hi guys... im posting here to share with you my experience in web hosting affiliate program, just to keep our motivations up. So i made $7,230 in one week without any paid traffic just publishing posts about there services and some coupons in facebook page that related with this niche ...
  18. 100kinvesting

    Taxes and affiliate marketers outside the US?

    Greetings all! I was wondering about a couple of tax related questions, regarding "non resident aliens," as the IRS defines them. So, if I have an affiliate program, and people outside of the US want to promote my affiliate products, how does that work, on taxes. The affiliates would not be...
  19. L

    What is this?

    I am looking for ads army? I heard it was a cpa network. But I found this every time I looked.....
  20. Chris CpaHall

    Affiliate Manager at CpaHall Affiliate Network

    Trying our best to take affiliate marketing to the advanced level