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  1. CPA7en

    Seeking Help What are the BEST ways to promote "Pin Submit" offers?

    Hello I am new to CPA affiliate marketing and want to know the best ways to promote "Pin Submit" offers successfully. Also, as a newbie, do you suggest me to use paid tools such as CPVLAP for tracking and AdPlexity for spying as I don't know a free alternative for these tools! Thanks in...
  2. E

    Spy tools are crucial

    Hey everyone, I have started studying CPA marketing 2 weeks ago, but I have noticed that Spy tools are involved in every aspect of this field, because they help you spy on what other people are doing and get inspired from their work, and you can even see what's working right now. The roadblock...
  3. A

    Ask Me Anything Is Adplexity worth it?

    So I know affiliatefix offers a lifetime discount and that got me wondering if getting adplexity is worth it to spy on my competitors? I'm currently using a free tool called but the information it displays is not very informative and the UI is in Russian :p. Anyone's campaign roi...
  4. harnur

    How to find profitable campaigns on SPY TOOLs?

    Hello, I have been making consistent $4000-$5000/month using push traffic, but all my earning comes from just 1 offer and the worst thing is that's it's an exclusive offer than is listed on only 1 affiliate network. So, i want to diversify my income. I have 9-10 months of experience with push...
  5. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge and AdsPlexity webinar

    Hi AffiliateFix Community! We are happy to announce, that our first webinar this year will be this Thursday, 16th of January, at 3 pm (GMT +1). We are going to discuss the most necessary tools the modern affiliate needs to launch a really profitable campaign. Sign up, it’s going to be...
  6. Alex_Om

    Up to 50% Off Each AdPlexity Product on Black Friday

    ADPLEXITY BLACK FRIDAY OFFER IS LIVE NOW! If you’re invested in affiliate marketing and eCommerce, we have the perfect Black Friday deal for you. And it’s live RIGHT NOW! AdPlexity gives you the advantages you need to stay a step ahead of the latest trends. Our products are the best...
  7. TopOffers

    Official Promoting DATING Webinar by TopOffers & Adplexity!

    Hey mates! :affiliatefix: We’re extremely proud to announce that, on the 27th of November, TopOffers will be teaming up with Adplexity to host the Promoting DATING webinar! Gain valuable insights from not one, but two industry-leading companies. >>> Register here <<< Don't miss a chance to...
  8. Alex_Om

    Get the Latest Winning Campaigns From AdPlexity for Only $1!

    Hi there, AdPlexity has a great news. Starting this moment and then every two weeks you have the opportunity to get a crucial report on the 45 best campaigns, run by your competitors. Split across Mobile, Desktop, Native and Push traffic, SneakPeek covers all the most important verticals -...
  9. Alex_Om

    Official [Breaking] 250+ Ready-To-Go Affiliate Landers From AdPlexity - ONLY $1!!

    AdPlexity are happy to announce that we are currently running an EXCLUSIVE OFFER, available to you for the NEXT 5 DAYS ONLY! We’re offering the ULTIMATE PACK OF READY-TO-GO MOBILE, PUSH AND NATIVE PRE-LANDERS. You can pick up OVER 250 of the hottest affiliate landing pages around, EACH ONE...
  10. Luis Oscar Cruz

    To Adplexity or to Stormproxities? (PopAds)

    Huh ; do I keep Adplexity or I ditch it for Stormproxies/Instaproxies, etc. Let me explain what’s happening… ——————————————————————————————- I expected a reference point for SiteIDs to know its niche and quality but I don’t find one. PopAds (1-10) Quality score is not an indication of...
  11. T J Tutor

    AdPlexity Webinar with special guest Benjamin from Mobidea

    LEARN to EARN with AdPlexity and with special guest Benjamin from Mobidea. Watch the replay of this very cool walk-through by Alex of AdPlexity, including the 2nd half with Benjamin from Mobidea showing how he uses AdPlexity for his company. ADPLEXITY SPECIAL CLICK THE BANNER TO SIGN UP FOR...
  12. Micheal

    Adplexity native shared account

    Hello Guys anybody here interesting in adplexity native,anstrex,nativeadbuzz account in as low as $50 or less ,i want to share my account with only 1-2 person,kindly pm me if anyone interested or drop me your skype thank you !
  13. T J Tutor

    AdPlexity Walk-Through November 2018

    AdPlexity Discount and Walkthrough Join Now:
  14. M

    why I am not able to search offers on Adplexity?

    Hello, I am searching offers on adplexity mobile but unable to find offers from my affiliate networks. These are top offers in my network so surely they are getting more traffic. but still nothing is coming on the name of those offers, I have searched using keywords of the offer. Also I have...
  15. Dinosawrex

    Dino's Native Ads Journey

    After a lot of trial and error in the different ways of money making online, Including FBA, Dropshipping, Clickbank, CPA Lockers etc. Mostly only breaking even. After I Starting my own SMMA Business, I started to see how most of these things were done the right way. As of right now, I've...
  16. Kamel404

    is there any native ads spy tools that gives you atleast 1 day free trial wothout credit card ?

    hello guys i'm a neebie and i would like to know if there is any native ads spy tools that gives you atleast 1 day free trial without credit card ? before moving to adplexity
  17. M

    Mobidea+Propeller Ads Keep running or Pause this campaign

    sorry for my bad english I'm newbie I have to run first campaign Sweepstakes on propeller ads - Tracking I use bemob basic plan - Mobidea Sweepstakes payout $0.84 (I choose top offers ask from AM ) - Prelander I choose from adplexity This geo target I launch campaign 4 day This my state...
  18. SmartEnough

    how to get approved ! in CPA mobile network

    hi guys , i'm new to affiliate marketing CPA CPI offers i have all needed tools to start , voluum , and spytool adplexity mobile .. i found some offers in adplexity for yeahmobi network with traffic source used , startapp , airpush or tapit .. thats fine now i want to test that offer ..ok i...
  19. A

    Desktop or Mobile: Where to start?

    I am thinking to buy Adplexity. Should I buy the Desktop first or Mobile first? What is the good to start? Desktop first or Mobile or both. Just need your opinion. Thanks
  20. Mobidea

    Spy Tools Comparison and How To Spy For Free!

    Whether you’re only just beginning your media buying master path or you already see yourself as the ultimate money game super pro, it’s always important to follow the market’s cutting-edge trends to stay on top! How the heck are you supposed to do that? By spying your faceless competitors...