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Which CMS is best for SEO?



All Content Management Systems are able to perform well in SEO as long as you use the correct plugins with them.

For example Wordpress works well with Yoast


Please help

I think this question is like asking what the true religion is. Or what brand of smartphones is the best.
It is all about taste. I myself, am 100 % devoted to Wordpress. I find it very easy to work with, and the sites I have created for both my granddad and other people who aren't great with computers, have also found it very easy to start out with.

To your question to which is better with SEO - well, if you go with Yoast's SEO-plugin for Wordpress, you'll be pretty much settled with the best SEO-plugin (imo) there is.



I found WordPress is the most updated CMS and better for SEO. WordPress Enable plenty of plugins about SEO optimization for both on and off the page.


When it comes to the best CMS for SEO, WordPress wins this title. The reasons for WordPress being best for SEO are:

Using WordPress is simple and it is because of this simplicity that the user can post content on regular basis. The search engines need updated and engaging content for the user so it gives better positioning to the website in SERPS.

WordPress gives the ability to customize the permalinks so adding valuable keywords relevant to the post helps in getting SEO benefits.

The clean code that WordPress themes offer surely gives the website an edge in SEO.

WordPress enables the user to create a website structure that is SEO friendly because of the category and tags.

The presence of built-in RSS feed in WordPress helps in submission to feed directories hence Google can find and index your post in quick time.
WordPress is the best out-of-the-box CMS for SEO in my opinion. What I see though is a lot of WordPress sites improperly managed, for instance pertaining to the permalinks.

Samantha Todd

Wordpress is the best CMS for SEO because there are a number of plug ins that make SEO possible, such as Yoast SEO. There is plenty of information on how to do SEO properly using these plug-ins.I am not aware if there are other CMS systems that offer this much in terms of variety and choice to users who want to optimize websites.


Most of the modern CMSs are great, especially the leading open source ones, and you should choose one based on the factors that matter most to you, like stability, extensibility, speed of development, community support, &c. For a webshop use Magento, for everything else there's WordPress