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What is The best Books for Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship??


Take a look at Bob Hoffman's (a.k.a "The Ad Contrarian") books. They are really good, and they made you laugh a few times too.


And one more, check this "This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See- Seth Godin"
This isn't a marketing a tactical-level 101 with daily to-do lists. It show a strategic vision for how to establish yourself and your business in the modern world.


There are many good business and entrepreneurship books. However, a person can't read all of them. So, I'm going to suggest to you the books I read in the past years. These would be "Building a Story Brand", "This is Marketing", "The Lean Startup" and "Traction". Feel free to complete the list with any other book. Besides, find a business icon that may inspire you to become better and better. In my case, that's Jeremy Houghton. In books, there is just theory, but the most popular businessmen can show you action. I hope my advice will be to your taste.
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Hey there! If you're looking for some great books on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship, you should definitely check out the recommendations of Jeremy Houghton


What is The best Books for Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship??
I think this has to come down to niche specific books because all business are not run and marketed in the same way and to the same audience. I think Entrepreneurship is more generic and that's what you can have a best book on.

I mean, you can look for "Best book on Affiliate Marketing Business", "Best Book On Drop Shipping Business", "Best Book On Copywriting Business" that would show you the specifics of what to do achieve success on those separate niches. Then you can look for "Best Book on Entrepreneurship".


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Among all the business, marketing and advertising books I've read, I think the one that had the biggest impact on my results was Ogilvy On Advertising, by David Ogilvy. Cashvertising (Drew Eric Whitman) probably comes second. These are two very practical, zero profund books that helped me improve my ads and copy significantly. Personally, I think this type of book oftentimes provides more useful informaiton than "profund" books such as Nassim Taleb's or flashy (but scientifically dubious) books such as Jim Collins'.


Sales Success by Brian Tracy is a really helpful read. Do you know what the 7 essential skills that every salesperson must master?

1. Prospecting
2. Identifying the customer's needs
3. Building rapport or trustworthiness
4. Presenting
5. Answering customer objections
6. Closing the sale
7. Asking for referrals

Brian Tracy talks about this is his book.

Other helpful books are Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson (this taught me about the perceived value of what I'm offering), and Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards (this taught me about altering my advertising message depending on the traffic temperature). Also, the 1-Page Marketing Plan by Alan Dib is also a good read (this taught me about offering a lot of value and not competing on price), Building a StoryBrand by Ed Miller (this taught me about story selling on the About Us page of an ecommerce page to build trust).
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