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  1. A

    Seeking Help How do I prevent bot traffic from PropellerAds?

    It's incredibly frustrating when you invest your hard-earned money into an ad campaign, only to realize that it's attracting bot traffic instead of genuine human visitors. Not only does it feel like a waste of resources, but it also hampers your chances of reaching your target audience...
  2. Premeier_ak

    Seeking Help scripts to automate various pre-processes in Twitter

    What do you know, or perhaps you have used scripts for automatization of processes in Twitter. These can be scripts for massfollowing, massliking, and retweeting.
  3. koka12

    What is The best Books for Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship??

    What is The best Books for Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship??
  4. J

    How can I market my book?

    I have a book with a way to profit how I can market it
  5. Robert Squires

    How to create a sales funnel on WordPress

    This is a video that I made to help everyone create there own sales funnel without using anything but their WordPress site and plugins
  6. L


    Hello guys! I am Linh, I have senior advertising account from google and facebook - Processing time is faster, approving ads easier - Reach is higher than the personal accounts - High trust level to Facebook - Unlimited to spend money - Good for blackhat, cloaking, traffic, affiliate, news, skin...
  7. Y

    Learn Marketing

    Hi After a long search for a source of marketing education, I found this forum rich in important sources so I registered and wanted more learning from its members Thanks
  8. Ruby Jean

    What Are The Generic Marketing Methods?

    Is there any proper way to grow business through Digital Marketing.