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Website Review Guidelines

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by temi, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. temi

    temi Affiliate affiliate

    UK Webmaster World Website Review Guidelines
    • You MUST have contributed a minimum of 10 post to this forum before you can suggest your site for review
    • Don't post a review if you don't want to see/hear negative thoughts about your site as well, because most likely there will be some -- we hope that they will be constructive at least!
    • You must answer these questions in your request. the better your answers, The more likely you are to be selected for review, and we can give you a better review.
    • If you do not answer the questions, your thread may be closed or removed. Please be aware that if you do not know your target audience, few people will be willing to invest time in reviewing your site.

    Is this site completed or is it still under construction, or due an major overhaul?

    What is the reason for living of this site? what do you want it to achieve for your clients and for your business. (Be aware this is the big one here, if YOU do not have specifics, then I personally will not be able to help you). Post answers like 'sell as much stuff as possible and make me rich' will see me ignore everything else from there down.

    If completed:
    How long has the site been up?

    Do you have incoming links, how many?

    What keywords are you targeting?

    Do you want your code reviewed for errors or improvements?

    Who is your target market?

    we need:
    Age Range
    Income/Education level

    The more you tell us about your target audience, the better your review as we do not know them YOU DO

    What sets your site apart from your competition? What are your unique selling points? Why will someone want to do business you?

    How important is usability?

    Why does the site exist, what does it aim to do? (inform, sell, online community, support , contact info only, etc)

    Do you want design suggestions?
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