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[WEBINAR] Join PropellerAds - "Native Push Notifications: A Guide to Effective Advertising"

Discussion in 'Native Ads' started by PropellerAds, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. PropellerAds

    PropellerAds Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate


    Hello guys!

    Why have Native Push Notifications become the new favorite tool of performance marketers around the globe?

    The brands and affiliates are spending more money than ever to navigate through all the informational noise, surrounding a customer. PropellerAds is giving you an inside scoop on how using Push Notifications can help you thrive in this landscape.

    Join us for a FREE webinar on May 22 at 3 PM GMT as our experts break down the key elements of the stellar Push Notification campaign; list the verticals you should be testing while providing you with exhaustive tips about composing ideal creatives and real-life examples.

    Hot Topics:
    • Native Push Notifications: How is this new ad format different from traditional ads and in-app notifications?
    • How the subscription process works and how do we ensure that all users are real
    • Succeeding with CPC bidding
    • Choosing the right verticals and crafting truly personalized ads
    • Strategy for creatives: dos and don’ts for Push Notifications
    • A step-by-step walkthrough on setting up your Push Notification campaign
    • Q&A Session!

    >>>Register the Webinar and let's meet online on 22nd of May!
  2. Voluum
  3. PropellerAds

    PropellerAds Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate


    Join the great Question Contest!

    Ask the most interesting question about Push Notifications advertising format and win $100!

    Where to ask? Write your question in the comments to our Facebook post.

    On May 22, during the Webinar, we will choose the most interesting one and award the winner with the $100 prize. May the luck be with you!
  4. PropellerAds

    PropellerAds Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Well, we're finishing the preparations for the webinar and that means we can't wait to meet all of you online tomorrow!

    If you have not registered yet, now is the last chance to do that.
    Register HERE, prepare the most tricky questions and get ready for tons of useful information about Push Notifications, best advertising practices and secret tips from our experts.

    - Your PropellerAds special BONUS gonna be waiting for you at the end of this webinar [​IMG]
  5. PropellerAds

    PropellerAds Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    The webinar has passed!

    We received hundreds of messages, questions, and suggestions. We will try to take into account your wishes and make the next webinar even more exciting!

    Could not attend? No worries, because the record is on our YouTube channel and the full presentation can be found on Slideshare.

    Our team also congratulates the winner of the Questions Contest - Clarence Chew, who won $100! The answer to the best question is also in the video.

    We're now preparing the BIG post on our blog with answers to other interesting questions. Stay tuned [​IMG]