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Below are few recommendations I think would really help improve this tracking platform.Being able to redirect traffic based on specific browser, ISP and OSBeing able to view specific OS versions in drill down reports for example whether a click came from a mobile device running android 2.2 or android 4.1Being able to view device resolution.Thanks
All the above mentioned features will be implemented. Our rules will be expanded upon and our drill-down reports will be extended to include all data that we collect (it's a big technical undertaking but the 1st version of the full drill-downs will be released this week).
My final verdict Voluum is a very good tracking platform and the guys at code wise have done an incredible job however the tracker is young and they still need to add certain capabilities and fix the little bugs in order for it to be an AMAZING tracking platform but there on the right track.
I appreciate the fair review and for reaffirming us that we're on the right track! We have 100+ features defined in our ticket system, once we get the bigger more technical features out of the way (and once we hire more people) we'll be pumping out features and improvements weekly if not more often. By April 1st, we plan to have most key features implemented
Pretty great platform, haven't tried myself but other guys told me.So since a few guys asked if I can integrate my new multi-variate testing tool ( LPOptimizer - easy landing page optimization ) with your product, can you tell me how can I access your API to create/delete LPs. Do you have a documentation for that? Do you have someone responsible for API and integrations so I can talk more about this subject?Thanks
Our API isn't documented yet, having said that, the Voluum GUI actually uses our own API behind the scenes so you can easily look up the AJAX calls using tools such as FireBug or Chrome dev tools. If you have any specific questions I can put you in touch with our CTO.
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I'm extremely pleased to announce that we just rolled out the grouping reports on our production servers. You'll notice that we tweaked the UI to accommodate the new grouping feature.


In regards to the 3 column view, we will also be adding a tree view which many of you may be used too.

Grouping by custom variables is not yet available - the reason for this is that these reports are data monsters. We will have to process them offline and then have them as downloadable files. Having said that, we will of course be adding these reports.

Our next priority is adding day-parting reports.
I wish you will still have some options for new affiliates when you start charging. Like free 1M clicks. I'm just saying. Coz some people wanted to start but they don't have enough cash for tracker.

Just my 2 cents. :D
How to track different banners in Voluum ?I can't find where to set.
BTW,i can't find the "group by" on the interface of Voluum as voluum mentioned in his thread.
Any one can help?Thanks

The free beta period has just been officially extended up until the end of May giving you an extra 2 months free of Voluum!

Our next features:

• Browser and OS versions reports/data (may be ready this week)
• Redesigning rules + extending them to include all variables available in our reports (This will include a WiFi/Carrier rule voted #2 by our users)
• Manually editing costs (large task – voted #1 by our users)
• Grouping reports for custom variables (very large task – voted #3 by our users)
Official Update

Free beta extended

We've officially extended the free beta period until September 2nd, 2014 which gives you another 3 months of free Voluum! This is mainly because we've been working mostly on the Voluum backend, and as such we hadn't added many of the critical features. Furthermore the final pricing has been published and we've decided the create a free Noobie plan which will include 100,000 tracked events monthly (events being visits/clicks).

Feature update

We released a new version today, most notably we added the tree view for grouping reports. More minor improvements include auto scaling campaign name columns, so you always see the full name. We also changed the CPV and EPV columns to include 4 decimal places so that you can better track your cheaper traffic sources.
Been doing more testing of Voluum over the past few weeks. Liking all the updates :)
awesome tracker. I like it more than BevoYou guys should make tutorial videos on how to use the tracker.Also, a timezone for India(GMT+5.30) would be nice
Thanks for the newbie plan. It would be great if there was unlimited data retention.
For us data is the most important resource. Lots of $$$ is spend to get that data
Guys, what can you recommend as a hosting for landing pages, if I use Voluum? As I use Voluum, I dont need a very good hosting for my tracker, only for landing pages. What should it be? VPS+CDN? How much should I pay for my LP hosting? What would you advise? Im just starting so want to save some money for tests, but I sure dont want to use shared hosting and kill all my efforts :)
FREE ZeroPark Events, PayPal Support, New Paid Plan & More!

Hey Guys,

As of today all events generated by ZeroPark campaigns are completely FREE to track on Voluum. Why? ZeroPark is now one of the biggest sources of PPV traffic in the world, we will soon have 25 billion visitors per month and to help you get started and make the most of the traffic not only is Voluum completely integrated with costs and all, but it is also free due to the ridiculous volumes :)

If you haven't tested out ZeroPark PPV traffic, check it out here.

Due to popular demand, we've added a new paid plan called 'Agency'. It's in between the Pro and the Super Affiliate plan and it includes 10M events per month with 1 year data retention.


For you Super Affiliates, we've increased the included events from 25M to 30M per month, you'll automatically be upgraded to this on your next billing cycle. For more info click here.

Furthermore, we've also launched PayPal support for those of you who don't have a credit card. You can choose PayPal as your preferred payment method by going to settings/invoices/update.

Upcoming features:
  • We're finalizing our city & state/region reports which will be available in January. Rules and tokens will come in soon after that you'll be able to use on your LPs to call cities and states.
  • We'll soon have impression tracking, something that no hosted affiliate tracker can have due to the sheer amount of data that needs to be processed. The first version will be ready in January.
  • We're working on a new dashboard which will help you see what's going on with your campaigns very quickly without having to go into reports. Check the preview below.
  • Spy Mode - you'll soon be able to see all incoming visitors in real time. Expect this in February.
  • Manual cost updating - our VoluumDB team is growing and we'll be getting a new low level developer from the Ukraine in January (practically coding in 1's and 0's and optimizing CPU cycles on our servers) who will speed up the finalization of this. We expect to have this mid Q1 2015. I'm sincerely sorry for the amount of time this is taking but the work being done on VoluumDB to enable this is also opening up so many doors for future development.


Affiliate Summit West

Voluum is once again proud to be the gold sponsor of ASW15, as such we'll be exhibiting with 4 people from our team including myself. Meet us at the MeetMarket table #118 and during the exhibition you'll find us at booth #4011 & #5011. If you want to book a meeting do so here: Meet us - Codewise

I look forward to seeing many of you soon!