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    Hi Chiruraaj,

    Thanks for the resources you have put on the forum.

    I wanted to ask you privately about boxofads. You mentioned it in one of your posts.

    I have been working hard at PPV for about a year and pretty intensively over the past two months but I can’t seem to crack it.

    When I talk to people about boxofads they say it’s great and then give me their affiliate link  It seems very expensive. What is your honest opinion of how it can help?

    I am at the stage where I can create landing pages which, on a good day, pull 5-15% CTRs. I think I understand the various approaches to target selection etc. My issue is lack of conversions. I’ve run over 100 campaigns so far.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.


    Craig (AKA Brandsqueezed)
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