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FPTraffic (FPT) is a tool I developed to help me manage...

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    FPTraffic (FPT) is a tool I developed to help me manage my Facebook Pages. I started building communities on Facebook using Pages a few years ago and since then I have grown my Pages into some of the largest communities on Facebook within their niches. My Pages reach millions of people a week and I needed an easier way of maintaining them, so I created FPTraffic.

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    FPT allows you to find and schedule content to be post your Facebook Pages at a fraction of the time. I've had a few members FIRE THEIR ADMINS because they no longer need them with FPT.If you're new to Facebook Pages or do not have large communities yet, don't worry! I have exclusive guides on FPT to help you learn how to build, grow, and monetize Pages. Here are a few examples:
    [​IMG]I have years of experience at building, growing, and monetizing Facebook Pages. I've developed FPT as a tool to help you do the same. Give it a try and let's make some money!

Recent Reviews

  1. Nicheme
    The coolest tool for quickly adding content to multiple fan pages. Jay wessman as a very good youtube video on how to use, and it helped me see clearly how it can be used to grow and engage you fanpage.
  2. church
    Very easy to use and great tool, any updates soon Luke?
  3. SayMyName
    The best tool for fan pages on the market
  4. Dario
    Awesome tool! Great job done by Luke:) After 10 minutes using this masterpiece I knew that it is HUGEEE;) Easy to use,nice guides...! I already set up my pages for the next 1,5months and I don`t need to care about it. I would like to recommend FPTraffic to everybody(I mean everybody). Tumblr and Bing images are awesome but I would like to have more options for finding images(imgur or similar sites maybe?). Keep up the great work and looking forward to new awesome features!
  5. JonClkim
    I don't know where this tool has been my whole life, but it is a steal for only $10 and I am glad to get in early :) Can't wait to see how this thing evolves, if you are doing FB Marketing, you need this. Hands down.
  6. Snoop
    The best Facebook tool out here on the market. Thank you Luke it's great and most importantly affordable.
  7. stipest
    Definitely the best facebook page automation tool on the market. I was using some other tools but I canceled all of them after trying FPT. There are still minor disadvantages like there is no option to schedule text and link posts but Luke is working on that. And that's something I like the most about FPT because Luke is listening users feedback and always upgrading it and tool is getting better and better every month.
  8. Jay Wessman
    Jay Wessman
    This is an AWESOME tool. I actually made a review video of FPTraffic a while back I liked this tool so much: [URL="Awesome tool. I actually made a review video of FPTraffic a while back I liked this tool so much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ_ePLQPNhg
  9. K
    Amazing tool at an amazing affordable monthly price - great tool that saves me hours and having to log into my fan pages all the time.

    Would love to see the upload interface and also change post order improved but apart from that I love it!
  10. crysper
    This tool is a HUUUGE time saver. I'm quite busy with my business, but I still wanted to try out building a fan page and test my CrazyCTR ad image tweaks. This tool saved me a lot of time finding images to post and the schedule feature kept the content going without having to touch anything, otherwise I'm sure I would forgot updating the page regularly.For the ones building fan pages, this tool is a must.