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Using Native Ads & The Stock Market


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In the first discovery I came across a sophisticated (and only suspected) touting or possibly a pump and dump using Native Ads and Yahoo News --very high profile.

My thread on this is here for you to read as background:

So, I watched this possible scheme to see the verifiable results. You don't need to use spy-tools and make conclusions based on sketchy data with registered public company stocks. The global results are published in real time for everyone to see.


As you can see that is a 30%~ increase in 11 days that you could cash out instantly --got me to thinking. This was a penny stock with a hi-risk factor (read: Bitcoin, FOREX or Derivative Binaries) --not for me ...

Then I see the same advertised working with a more substantial stock VS

First the native ad that caught my eye:


Cute ad for someone in this business (File Time: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 9:15:58 AM EDT)

The strategy: Use someone else's ad money to profit

Making the Play --money on the wood ;)


Buy activity and selling off towards the peak
The buy was a classic buy at the low point of the dip --I really got lucky here :)


The volume did increase I think on the days the ad ran ... You can see the headhunter scalping :p

The brokerage feed CSV:


Bottom line I made $200 in 7 trading days with a time expended of just less than an hour unless you count the time chasing my money refreshing the screen on one monitor and the split second timing to sell :p and displaying the price in real time.

Look at the volume!
Had I had the confidence I could have scaled this 10 times in an instant --just send a buy order.
As it is: I ventured just $650 to see a POC (Proof of Concept)
Will it work again?

Well, I just bought into a Copper and Gold Mine exploration in Mexico :)


Good luck to the winners :D
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Absolutely incredible info Graybeard!

I've seen manipulations using advertising in the various markets over time. Some were brought down in the 80's for manipulating using paid ads in the Wall Street Journal, et al. In fact, my broker (Lehman) was among those that paid huge fines for it then. I think that was right after their merger with American Express, which they later divested.
Hey, thanks for sharing your insights! It's crucial to stay vigilant in the stock market. I'll definitely check out your thread for more details.
1 of 10 may make the first cut ;)
some programming and development required.
you still need the right strategy call put; long short.


seems right ;)

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