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URL of landing pages for paid traffic


i'm trying to organize my first CPA campaign. I have no website, i want to create only landing pages. I think in the beginning i will use Facebook ads to drive traffic.

I have a doubt: the URL of the landing page (for paid traffic) does matter?
I mean, a url of the landing page like convert better than
I know that if we talk about SEO the url surely matters, but what if i'm intested only in paid traffic? Maybe it's irrilevant?


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Assuming only paid or referred traffic from sources other than search engines (SEO or SEM);
A neutral domain name would work best[niche]/
  • <<<just an example
  • or, <<< subdomain
  • HTTPS is needed today for consumer confidence
Advantage: the domain name will not restrict your future options.
Problem: return visits by type-ins will be few or non-existent.