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URL of landing pages for paid traffic


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i'm trying to organize my first CPA campaign. I have no website, i want to create only landing pages. I think in the beginning i will use Facebook ads to drive traffic.

I have a doubt: the URL of the landing page (for paid traffic) does matter?
I mean, a url of the landing page like convert better than
I know that if we talk about SEO the url surely matters, but what if i'm intested only in paid traffic? Maybe it's irrilevant?
Assuming only paid or referred traffic from sources other than search engines (SEO or SEM);
A neutral domain name would work best[niche]/
  • <<<just an example
  • or, <<< subdomain
  • HTTPS is needed today for consumer confidence
Advantage: the domain name will not restrict your future options.
Problem: return visits by type-ins will be few or non-existent.