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Understanding the Landing Page for Peerfly.

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Willwu, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Willwu

    Willwu Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Guys, I m a fresh guy in CPA marketing, sorry to ask the basic question to disturb you guys, and sorry about my poor English.

    Is that correct what i understood about the Landing Pages on Peerfly?

    If say, I picked up one offer from Peerfly, which I get the link like: http://trkur.com/xxxxx/xxxx
    , as I know this link to directly linked to its own Landing page,.

    Question 1, why I saw many threads recommend to create the own Landing Page?

    Question 2,I know there is a place called Instapage can help us to create LP and hosting it also, so If I don't have my own hosting, is that good to hosting in Instapage?

    Here is my steps to create the LP and linked to Peerfly offers.
    1. Pick one offer from Peerfly.
    2. Create the LP in Instapage, and insert the Affiliate link(http://trkur.com/xxxxx/xxxx) to the LP.
    3.hosting the LP on Instapage
    4. get the Instapage LP links.
    5.create the campaign and put the Instapage LP link to the Destination URL.
    6. get traffics to my LP on Instapage.
    7. LP on Instapage traffics to the Peerfly offers own LP.
    8. Get Conversion.

    Question 3. Are my steps correct?

  2. newbidder
  3. Rvfamily

    Rvfamily Affiliate affiliate


    I am by no means an expert, nor do I have the knowledge or skills of many in this forum (let me start with that up front), but I have been working on some of this for a couple of months and here is what I can share with you.

    Question 1- There are a couple of reasons you want to set up a landing page.
    1. First is, that there are many types of offers and/or platforms (YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) that do not like/allow direct linking to offers. If, for example, you go into a forum and start posting direct links to offers, you will almost certainly get identified as a spammer and be kicked out of the forum. Or have your account deleted by the free traffic sources you might use, like the aforementioned YT, Pinterest. I have started in CPA using free traffic from YT with mild success. I don't want to have my account get banned, so I am careful to follow certain steps including directing traffic to a landing page instead of right to an offer.
    2. By setting up a landing page, you can connect the landing page to your autoresponder account (Aweber, GetResponse, etc.) and begin to develop a list. The list is probably worth more in the end than the money you receive from the offer. The list allows you to send targeted information (it shouldn't all be offers or you'll lose the people on your list) and offers out and generate an additional income from it.
    Here is an example of one of my landing pages for a specific offer here. I used Pagewiz free trial ($0 cost) for this first month and have made a little money (enough to make it worthwhile). In addition, I have collected about 20 emails to begin a list in this vertical.

    Question 2-
    There are some fine short Dojo post on building landing pages, like this one, this one, and this one. For a more thorough examination, here is a link to a blog I found that has a pretty good series on setting up landers. You can use Instapage to host, but with all of the different companies, there will be some cost associated with it. You just need to do some homework and find out which one seems to suit you best.

    Hope this helps. I will try my best to answer any other questions.
    Here's to your success!

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