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Total control: Tools to track your performance

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by Mobidea, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Control is something that might annoy you, but in almost all spheres of life a bit of control is necessary to be aware of what is going on around you, achieve goals and stable results.

    Mediabuy is the example where the control of your activity is as much important and your technical skills and intuition.

    Let’s consider some tools that can help you to get up-to-date information on your activity and track your performance.


    Nowadays there are lots of high-tech tracker solutions for mediabuyers which allow to control the performance very easily by gathering all your information from ad-networks and affiliate networks and cross-matching it. Usually it costs some money, but it ease your life – for which you need to pay. So, at the end you will have all relevant information in front of your eyes – costs, revenue and margin of each campaign.

    In Mobidea we can easily set the postback option, we even have an integration with Voluum if you are using this option.

    There are 2 steps in integrating it

    1. First you need to add one an additional parameter data3 to your smartlink/offer link equal to clickid token of your adnetwork.

    And this how the ending of your smartlink has to look like


    If you are using Voluum, skip this step please.

    2. Activate the postback option. If you are using Voluum – just insert your Voluum subdomain in the empty space of Voluum option. If not – choose custom option and add {{DATA3}} in the space of your postback url to track clickid or another unique parameter and {{MONEY}} – for revenue of transaction. You can track 2 more unique parameters using {{DATA4}} and {{DATA5}}.

    The process of tracking is quite easy – when the user is landing on your smartlink/offer link – data3 detects clickid of the the user and send info about the user back to your tracker (because postback is already incorporated in your smartlink).

    Notepad/excel/pen and paper

    It might sound logical and even ridiculous but you should choose any tool to write down all changes you made. It will help you to understand in the future if that change had positive/neutral or negative impact. For example, you increased a bid and suddenly you started receiving more traffic, your conversion rate improved as well as your performance did. This means that your move was correct. That is why you need to remember what exactly influenced on your performance in order to understand what step to take next. Let’s assume you decided to get even more volume and keep great ecpms – so you increased your bid even more, but on contrary with what you expected – your performance dropped , so by writing changes you made – you can easily get back to what you were earning before alteration by returning to your previous bid. This concerns not only numerical parameters, you should remember also what banners, OS, operators, categories you tested by adding in your campaign in order to evaluate if it worth it or not.

    Dynamic tracking

    Dynamic tracking allows you to send information from your ad-network to your affiliate network. Like this, your affiliate network will display visits, conversions and revenue split by parameters. Then, you can cross-match and track data on campaign, banner, site level etc. So, on the stats of your affiliate network you will see how much each of these parameters earned – there will be detailed report on the revenue of each campaign, site so on and you can compare it to costs from your ad-network of each of this parameter and conclude where do you win money and where do you lose, which will help you to optimize.

    Here, in Mobidea the ending of our smartlinks and single offers looks like.


    In order for you to receive data you want – you need to replace Track1, Track2 or both with dynamic parameters from your adnetwork. If you have more than 2 parameters, you can track others as well using underscore between parameters, but in this case in order not to mix data – you should export it to excel.

    Here is the example of how the ending of our smartlink might look like in case of using Exoclick traffic.

    &data1={campaign_id}&data2={src_hostname}_{variation_id}, where first parameter sends data on campaign id on mobidea, second – on site and third – on banner id.

    Being a mediabuyer requires from you not only logic, intuition and experience in the business, but you also need to be extremely attentive to the details, organized and be able to control, remember, cross-match data and see dependencies and impacts of every action you take on the total result of campaigns. I suggest you to track your performance in details, and it will help you to control your costs, revenue and save your money. Good luck to all :)
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  2. newbidder
  3. Jim Moriarty

    Jim Moriarty Affiliate affiliate

    Wonderful information about tracking. Right now I am using a third-party script to track my traffic. I like your dynamic parameter section. Worth reading.
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