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  1. Emmawantstolearn

    S2S Postback Settings

    Good Morning Everyone! I'm a little confused as to how to establish S2S Postback. My question is: 1) Do I have to establish S2S Postbacks between: a) between the CPA Network & Tracker? Or b) Between CPA Network & Ad Network? Or c) Between Tracker & Ad Network? This is getting...
  2. R

    Outbrain Tracking Parameters and S2S Postback

    Hello, Can anyone please confirm for me the tracking parameters for Outbrain? Is what I have in the attached image correct? Also, is S2S postback possible with Outbrain? I am using voluum as my tracker. Thank you!
  3. A

    Exoclick Postback URL

    Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new in this world, i would like to start buying traffic on Exoclick, anybody is able to help me setting up the Postback URL properly? I would like to start tracking my conversions directly on the Exoclick Platform. Thanks in advance :)
  4. Evelyn

    Campaign Tracking With TrafficStars

    Every experienced marketer knows collecting data and using it correctly is the key to a healthy ROI. To help you keep your data on check, we’ve enlisted our Advertiser Account Manager Nicole to talk about S2S tracking, its benefits and how to set it up properly. Head over to our blog to read...
  5. Stormrage

    How to setup multiple Postbacks in one single offer?

    I have a big trouble and hope it can have a solution... :( I'm working with MaxBounty and I need to scale an offer so I created another Prosper202 tracking domain to track better the new traffic source I'm using to scale this offer. I always use the Global Postback for all MaxBounty offers...
  6. AffiliateDude

    [Guide] How to set up a postback URL

    In this guide i will be showing you how to set up your postback with your tracking system + your affiliate network. Setting this up can be very confusing so it's best to read through a couple of times to wrap your head around it. If you can't set this up you might as well burn your money...
  7. B

    Need Urgent help with ads bridg's tracking !!

    Hello I have an urgent problem so please i need help !! i create 5 landing pages all of them for the same offer so basicly i create an offer and 5 landing pages . after that i created a campaign and add the five LP and the offer . they gave me tha campaign link . when i click on it each time it...
  8. Z


    Please, what is a Postback URL, and what does it do. Also. How can I go about getting one. Thanks
  9. evik

    I see conversions but don't know from where - POSTBACK?

    Conversions are only appear on my affiliate network but I don't know from where so I can't optimize... My ad network is go2mobi and tracker is Voluum. I'm probably doing something weird with the postback links. Please tell me how should I configure that so I can see conversions in Voluum. A...
  10. Elad Cohen

    How to setup Voluum (how to plug in the Tokens on the postback URL)

    Hi, i am having really hard time understanding how to implement the postback url. how do i know what Tokens to replace when i plug-in the URL on the affiliate network platform? could you find any good tutorial about "how to replace tokens"? Best, Elad
  11. cabref

    Prosper202 Real Time CPA Conversion Email Notification

    Prosper202 Real Time CPA Conversion Email Notification Hi Dojo Members, I´ve created a simple script to receive an email notification in real time each time we have a cpa conversion. All cpa Networks has a "postback" config. When you make a sale/lead, the cpa network fire that postback and...
  12. Mobidea

    Total control: Tools to track your performance

    Control is something that might annoy you, but in almost all spheres of life a bit of control is necessary to be aware of what is going on around you, achieve goals and stable results. Mediabuy is the example where the control of your activity is as much important and your technical skills and...
  13. J

    My First Campaign with Adcash

    After 3 months of learning AM basics, I finally took the step to take an Action. After a lot of confusion of choosing a vertical, traffic source, offer, geo. I finally decided to go with Pops on web. I chose Adcash as a traffic source as my AM from the aff network recommended it. So, i put...
  14. Yvon

    Adsbridge Help: URL Postback for Conversion

    Hello, Was wondering if someone could help me out here. When I grab my code from Adsbridge and put it into the Global Postback section of my affiliate network, what do I need to put into BOLDED PARTS OF THE URL? Can someone tell me what to put in ...
  15. Dmitry Mukhach

    Suggest me Affiliate Networks with Postback

    I would like to run campaign in AdWords. Suggest me Affiliate Networks with white offers (like CJ) but with Postback. Thanks!