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  2. Martin.Smallboss

    Very happy to meet AFF-fix

    I come from China, the early 90's young artists. Occasionally, met this forum Aff-Fix, very happy. Here are the knowledge I need and can help my forum friends. Of course, I will do my best to use my experience to help the needy forum friends. I am familiar with SEO technology, and have 5 years...
  3. Iraklee

    Selling Traffic High quality traffic for binary options US & CA

    Team of rich mediabuyers asked me to find fresh binary option offers for USA and Canada. Deposite $200 payout $350-$500, not incent, not cashback. About 50-100 conversions daily. Ping my skype if you are interested.
  4. Mobidea

    Signs – How to analyze campaign's variations

    Concurrently, as good results appear, word of mouth and digital marketing get more market share. Therefore, competition starts to increase on a daily basis. These are two aspects of the same story that you should be able to face and work with. Even though having good results is a challenging...
  5. Mobidea

    Announcement ★★ MOBIDEA ★★ 100% revenue share for the first 7 days!

    100% revenue share for the first 7 days! Get this wicked offer by signing up HERE with the promo code FIXMOBIDEA2016 (valid till 31 January 2016. Afterwards, we pay a flat 80% revenue share to all affiliates) Guess what? If an Affiliate makes more than 10.000 euros in the last 30 days, he...
  6. Mobidea

    Total control: Tools to track your performance

    Control is something that might annoy you, but in almost all spheres of life a bit of control is necessary to be aware of what is going on around you, achieve goals and stable results. Mediabuy is the example where the control of your activity is as much important and your technical skills and...
  7. Mobidea

    Traffic Factory – Part II – Optimization Tips

    If you already know how to create a campaign in Traffic Factory (Part I) this is the article you are waiting for. If you are interested in this adnetwork but you are unsure about how to begin, I recommend you strongly to read part I. The purpose of this article is to learn how we should...
  8. Mobidea

    Targeting - How to get all the juice (Part II)

    In the first part of this article “Targeting – How to get all the juice? (part I)” we saw the importance of choosing and setting correctly a campaign’s target. In this second part, we focus on the “what to do” after you launch campaigns and start to collect data. Generally if you didn’t choose...
  9. Mobidea

    Correlation between Volume, Bid and CTR – Karma of Traffic

    It is not the secret that lots of things in our lives depend on steps we take and correlate with each other. We can even not think about some interrelations but they occur in real life - like stars influence on ocean streams and by that on globing warming, like speech of president influences on...
  10. Mobidea

    Performance metrics – Which ones should I check?

    Today, I am going to give you a clear image of what you should take in consideration when you’re launching or analyzing campaigns/performances. But before that, we need to distinguish some basic definitions. Earnings per thousand impressions (eCPM): The abbreviation can be tricky because eCPM...
  11. Mobidea

    Mobile Spots - Does size matter?

    When you start one campaign, how do you decide which spot to launch? Which importance have spots when you buy traffic? Do you adapt your mediabuy strategy to each spot. Details can make difference in a competitive world so let’s identify the most common spots, their characteristics and...
  12. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted HUGE Payouts for New Health Offer

    Hey Fixers, MonsterAds has an awesome high paying health offer you might be interested in testing. If you have any of the following traffic sources you should definitely get in touch with me: Email, FB advertising, social media, seo, search, ppv/ppc We have a trial paying $80 PPS and a...
  13. Mobidea

    Algorithm vs Single offers - "Man against the machine"

    Who would you trust to do some time-consuming complicated task - yourself or up-to date innovative top-class robot? Probably if you had right knowledge, time, money and patience you would prefer to be responsible for your actions and result achieved. But when you don’t even know where to start –...