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Hello to All,

I’ve noticed that many good people give up too soon on this one of a kind opportunity to create a passive income online.

It got me wondering, why is that so?

When I first discovered affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate, I knew that this is something which is going to help me to realise my dream.

The dream of passive income and laptop lifestyle.


Right now, I’m sitting in a local Starbucks, drinking a latte, enjoying the sunshine (a rare occasion in Ireland LOL), and I’m writing this post to all of you who are looking to become financially free by earning a passive income through affiliate marketing.

The message is loud and clear.

Wealthy Affiliate training works!

However, to get to my point from the top. I thought a lot and realised that most people give up too soon because they are convinced that affiliate marketing is a quick way to riches.

Most people have the idea that all they have to do is create a site, put some links, and the money will start flooding your bank account.

Well, guess what! It ain’t gonna happen!

Now, read the following text with the utmost attention.

This is the SECRET KEY you’ve been looking for.

First and foremost, affiliate marketing is a business. And like every other business, yours has to go through a few stages before you can expect your dream results.

You need a goal, plan, and you need to execute both. My dad always told me, do the work, and the reward is yours.

The man was right!

Secondly, you need to give your full attention to the training, and things thought by a guy who is doing this for 15 freaking years!

Yes, I’m talking about Kyle and his brother from another mother, Carson. These two gents are PROFESSIONALS! If you’re not going to listen to them, then who else is there?

Those ‘gurus’ who preach about making money on a push of a button? Please...

Lastly, the method taught here at Wealthy Affiliate takes time. It’s based on organic traffic from search engines, and those lads are freaking slooooooooow...

So slow that it seems like a mission impossible. But it’s not!

It may take 3-4-5-6 months to get some drops of traffic and possibly a few sales as well. But if you stick to it for a full year, you’ll be looking at a completely different picture.

You’ll have a fully grown business that cries for expansion, for more traffic and more sales.

This is nothing but a raw experience talking now!

I took those three pieces of advice seriously, and now, I can sit in a Starbucks at 10 am (woke up 2 hours ago) on a Tuesday. While people around me are rushing to get to work or whatever their crazy heads are up to, I soak a massive dose of Vitamin D and drink a delicious latte.

So what’s the message here again?


Stick to it like your life depends on it and you’ll succeed! There is no other way around. Trust me.

I hope my experience was helpful. I thought a lot about it and did my best to communicate this message to you, whoever you are and wherever you might be.
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I never got a chance to join that community. They said it was free but not in my case. I spoke with Kyle or so some years ago on how they asked me for credit card info but he gave a rude snobbish response. I guess it's a good network with all the noise or recommendations out there but perhaps never got lucky or something.
Thanks for the honest response. As for me, so far i've never spoken to Kyle. I guess it's because i had a little knowledge from outside when i joined. But it's true. This is a good network to take advantage of.
Yeah, okay. This is nothing more than a blatant attempt to recruit from our membership. I have already removed loads of your emulated sig affiliate links from posts and threads.

If you are here to help our members with knowledge and guidance, then WELCOME ABOARD. However, it appears to me that you are simply here to recruit members, NOT ACCEPTABLE and Kyle & Carson over there at WA would not approve if we did the same thing with them!
Not an introduction AT ALL.
As far as being free --nothing much worthwhile in life is free ... You pay in cash or in sweat and toil (work efforts) ...
Do you remember Tom Vu? :D