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    Hello All,

    I want to share with you: a must read for WA members, 7 tips to remember. Just like in many success stories, it is common to hear the tips they received from their mentors. Tips are appreciated by their diligence in applying those tips. This appreciation creates an unstoppable eventuality of success.

    In my part I do listen to tips of mentors. I jot them down and endeavor to remember and/or apply them all. In my own right, I believe, I have succeeded in many areas: family, friendship, Corporate World, Traditional Business, MLM and in my own profession as a Teacher. I wanted to share these tips, a gift from me to you. Let's all create success in online business.

    I believe, to share what you know and you will know more yourself.

    You must convince yourself, not anyone, if you are ready for this golden opportunity.

    There is one main reason why people leave WA membership: money.

    There is one solution: money. Money begets money.

    If you pay your membership you should have a vision to recoup the investment before the membership expired.

    How long you need to give yourself to an endeavor like this? For as long as it takes if you have money.

    If you are in a hurry or if you do not have money to pay next time: One year.

    1. You should know where you are going: You must have a SMART Dynamic plan.

    2. You should know how much you need to give on this journey: time and money (membership fee)

    3. You should have enough emotional maturity: from rude members, from disappointments, from disillusionment, from uncertainty.

    4. You should have ENOUGH resolve, patience, hard work, focus and perseverance.

    1. WA is a platform you can trust.

    2. You may have more chances of quality time with your loved ones if you go full time here.

    3. You are your own boss.

    4. You can do it part-time or full time or ANYTIME.

    5. WA has all you need to learn and earn for your online business.

    6. Online business appears to be one of the the best source of income.

    7. Unlike 9-5 traditional job, online business has an unlimited income potential.

    8. The more you apply what you learn the more chances you will earn.

    9. There is no need to waste your fuel or fare going to work and your effort each morning.

    10. You do not spend thousands of dollars of investment unlike the cost of a traditional business.

    1. Your dream should be bigger than your doubt.

    2. You must have work ethics and discipline.

    3. You must have your big why: compelling reason to achieve your dream.

    4. You must undergo OEC. ( if you are a newbie in Affiliate Marketing).

    5. You must invest time, focus, hard work and consistency.

    6. You must have a niche, based on your passion and interest.

    7. You must have your own domain (it is like real estate that could be worth millions!).

    8. You must have frequent and regular blogs.

    9. Your blog must have content that is relevant, current, reliable, and easy to understand

    10. You must have links in every blog you create on your website.

    11. You must answer comments and messages ASAP.

    12. You must keep learning about your niche.


    Affiliate Marketing - A person or persons who work with an affiliate network to promote products or services and earn commissions

    Blog - It is also called article or content.

    Niche - The topic you focus in writing on your blog.

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    Traffic - Term used on the readers visiting your website.

    Online Business - The website/s you use for affiliate marketing or selling your own or other products or services.

    Link or Affiliate Link - This where your money could come from. Once anyone who clicked your link and bought the product or services you promote - you get a commision

    Landing page - It is the page of a website that a reader or visitor arrives at when they click on a link or an advert.

    Banner - It is a type of advertisement that consists of texts to present information, create engagement and promote interest. It could also contain images. It should be situated conspicuously within the website page, website post, etc. This is basically to show your product or services more effectively and encourage clicks.

    Keywords - they are repetitive words used more than other words in your article or blog. These words are keys in getting better ranking that is why they are called keywords.

    Skill set - The number of skills required to do a particular job. For example in creating an online business we need skills on the following:

    How to create, design

    Manage websites

    How to apply all that are in the dashboard of your website

    How to create post, page, link, ads, banner

    How to promote a product and services of your choice

    Your skill in using keywords

    You skills in writing, your blogs based on your niche.

    Advertiser - He or she or an organization who puts or requests to place advertisement on your page. Advertise can use ways of placing their ads either free or paid as placement.

    Affiliate Marketer - This is you sometimes simply called an affiliate. This is someone who registers and partners to an affiliate network or program to promote their goods and/or services in view of earning a commission for every online buyer it generates through your website.

    Traffic Source - It is a place that sends readers or prospective buyers to your site or website, Special Offers, Promotions and Special Schemes - and ads or advertisement is a traffic source. Advertisement induces or attracts your readers or prospective buyers to your links or your site or website.

    Affiliate Network - An affiliate network or affiliate scheme is the company or framework that brings affiliates together with sellers, and that manages and oversees the operation of the partnership by registering actions or acquisitions and paying commissions.

    The Customer - The most important part of the whole endeavor! The customer – or prospect – is the person that you as an affiliate will be trying to reach, target and sell to. Being able to do this effectively is how you succeed and make money!

    These are the fundamentals - the Affiliate Marketing 101 There are the 7 tips to remember, these are the main thing you need to understand as you journey on to your chosen specific niche and learn more terminologies as you grow in your endeavors.

    Of course there are many more terminologies that are there in the Online Business World.

    Most important part of Online Business

    The most important part of this business is continuity and correct application of processes, namely niche, website, content, and link.

    A Beginning

    The one I wrote, A Must Read for W.A. Members (7 tips to remember), is a humble attempt to orient everyone especially the newbies on their journey, There are so many niches which require more terminologies to learn, they are niche specific vocabulary and special and specific business words for specific industry. They will be learned as you continue doing your affiliate marketing. I do hope that this blog will help you all guys to get a solid footing in your online business and hopefully contribute giving you a head start on understanding how online business works, no matter how tiny it might be of help to you.

    Just like all of you, I am going to use it myself as my reminder on how to do things right for my online business. I am work on progress. Whether you are lagging behind or you are the front runner, never give up. If you don't give up, you re-read and remember to apply what is written here, I believe - YOU SHALL 99% SUCCEED.