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    I am Nick. New Website owner.

    I was thinking about how many people create traffic and make money for companies with their clicks and their data. So I said, What if, there is a website that gains traffic and all the ads revenue goes to donations in abandoned animals and kids without food? If there was a big community doing...
  2. Abdeljbbar

    Top Affiliate Niche Community - Help!

    Hello, my fellow affiliates, I'm stuck and I need your help! Two months ago, I started a project about a community in one of the hottest niches, which is "weight loss". In the community, people can open an account and start creating blogs, quizzes, polls, and lists, and link them to their...
  3. Honeybadger

    10 Things I Love About Affiliate Fix

    The new design, it's sick !! Affiliate Marketing Calendar from @MyLead has helped me plan 2021 @T J Tutor robustly ruining some spammer's day When @azgold drops by for some encouragement and smileys :D Any content by @zeropark -->
  4. Wealthy Affiliate

    The Wealthy Affiliate Community

    Hello to All, I’ve noticed that many good people give up too soon on this one of a kind opportunity to create a passive income online. It got me wondering, why is that so? When I first discovered affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate, I knew that this is something which is going to help...
  5. - Bounty programs for the masses

    Hi all! mission is to create the largest online income-sharing community, offer an abundance of job opportunities, and effectively reduce unemployment rates worldwide by letting internet users make a living from completing on-demand online tasks. * Some content removed by mod *
  6. M

    Want to support each other?

    Hey guys! I'm a newbie to affiliate marketing, but no less capable of making it in this industry. I was wondering if the ones who have made money support us as sort of mentors? Like giving back to the community? I would really appreciate it! Mariam
  7. opti

    All the best to all of you ... :)

    2017 just started, and I am confident it will be a huge success for all of us who are open to sharing valuable information and to learn some important things .... The first thing I will be doing a lot from now on - I will be asking questions first before starting to try to sell things to...
  8. Gianluca Muscolo

    Hello Forum Affiliate Fix

    Hello my name is Gianluca Muscolo are bloggers & Web Marketer, it is an honor for me to be part of this forum
  9. Hacder

    Mastermind Affiliate Marketers Slack Chat Community!

    Hey guys! You should join Affiliate Marketers Chat community - A private Slack chat community, It's an invite only: Affiliate Marketers Chat Thought I'd share it. It’s a place for affiliate/internet marketers to hangout, network, learn/share knowledge, connect with like-minded people, grow...
  10. Vinnie

    Hi I'm Vinnie~

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the community however semi new to CPA. Currently making around 1k$ Tops with Maxbounty. I've done many different ways to make money online (adsense, Affiliate Marketing, list building , etc) But i think ill stop with CPA and master it! I feel like this is a great...