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Suffer from Back Pain? Share Solutions - Inversion Chair, Kneeling Chair?

Linda Buquet

See my review of the Stamina Seated Inversion Core Training System - Inversion chair below, with a thumbs up for the type of stretch it gives and a huge thumbs down for quality!

I had planned to make a special post for my 5,000th post. However I blab so much around here, :D
I totally blew past 5,000 last night without realizing it. So here is my special 5,004 post.

I wanted to post something meaningful that really helps people.
But I do that every day anyway, don't I? :p

So today I thought I would talk about a problem many people face - back pain. My goal is that I hope any of you that have back problems, will share any exercises, products or anything else you do that helps.

I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine - mine is like a corkscre w), whiplash and severe arthritis in my neck from all the wear and tear I have caused it. In my younger days I rode a dirt bike in the "killer enduro" race and threw myself off a huge rock in the Colorado Mountains - landing on my head. That sorta helped mess up my neck even worse. :eek:

If you work online 10 hours a day 7 days a week, you probably are doing things that make your back worse. And there are some things you can do to help make your back better or at lease minimize the damage as you age.

An ergonomic office chair is essential. Don't skimp on this step.
TRUST ME, if you are young and think you can get by with a funky chair,
think again. As you get older you will pay the price.

You don't have to spend a ton of money either. Here is the one I have. I got it because it's adjustable in every way so I can change my position often and lean way back or forward. Many times I work laying way back with my knees propped up in the 0 gravity position, which helps take pressure off your spine. Maverick Multifunction High-Back Fabric Chair

Something I have been obsessed with lately is finding an inversion system to stretch out my corkscre w, which really helps a lot. Inversion is super good for you. The inversion tables hurt my ankles and I don't need my ankles, legs and hips stretched. Only my spine. So I finally found the inversion system I want and just ordered it to day.

I'm SOOOOOOO excited to get this. Stamina Seated Inversion Core Training System. Since you SIT and flip backwards strapped in with a belt over your lap it only pulls from your hips to your head. Mouse over or click the small pics to see what it does.

I was afraid to order without trying it to be sure it gives me the right kind of pull. After searching for weeks I found one locally I could try at a massage therapists office. It was worth paying to use it to be sure it was comfortable, easy to use and worked the way I needed it to. It was HEAVEN!

So if you ever wonder where I am. I'm probably here, just hangin out! :p

Last night I just invested in something else I've been wanting to try for awhile. A KNEELING chair. It forces you to sit up straight, exercises your core muscles and most of your weight is on your knees NOT your tailbone and spine. Here is the one I just got.

They aren't that easy to find locally. I traveled all over the county trying to find different ones to try out to see which is most comfortable. I've been using it all morning and it's really comfy. More so than I thought it would be. I got this one because the seat height and angle are adjustable so I can change it up.

I also have a magnetic back pad I keep set up on the back up my office chair and it helps some too. The one I have is below. But instead of having to put it on (which is not that comfortable and I never remembered to do. - I wrapped it inside out (magnets toward back) around the back of my chair, so it's just always there as I sit working.

I did a couple free consults for this company because they want to start an affiliate program and the guys sent me a back brace for me, one for my daughter, a magnetic neck and wrist brace for me and a magnetic knee brace for my Dad. So generous of them!

The last product I'll mention today that's helped my back problems is the monitor I recently invested in. You can't tell from the pic below, but it raises up high and tilts so I can work standing up part-time so I'm not bent at the waist, putting all the pressure on my tail bone.

ViewSonic Double Wide Monitor with ERGONOMIC HEIGHT ADJUST and TILT.

Now I'm standing and typing instead of kneeling.
Bet you guys can't keep up with me! :D
Next thing you know I'll be trying to type upside down in my inversion chair! :p

(DISCLOSURE: For newbies - even though some of those links are long, none of them are affiliate links, as they are not allowed. This ensures that when people recommend things (including me) the recommendation is honest, not self serving.)

So what about you? Has anyone tried inversion, kneeling chair or magnets?
What else do you do to help your back pain???
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Amelie K

New Member
Watch your back, do your abs

Usually the reason for back pain (other than serious injury or medical reasons like yours, Linda) is bad posture. I don't know about everyone else, but I know I start off sitting straight in my chair, then within minutes I'm slouching and crooked, etc. Every now and then I re-adjust, but it takes quite a bit of concentration to stay straight!

One thing that helps back pain is working out your abs. (again, aside from injury or other medical reasons) Why? the abs are your backs support system. Most think it's easy to just workout your abs. You can lie on the floor and do a few sit ups or buy a gadget to help you. There are a few problems with both of these situations and easy solutions for them.

On the floor, most people pull up with their heads and stain their necks. This is easily fixed with stretching your arms on either side of your knees, as though you are holding a bar at your knees level. If this is too hard or your back hurts, lift your feet off the floor, knees bent @ 90 degrees and roll up. It's common that some have trouble rolling up at first, so do it backwards; lay on your back feet towards the ceiling and push your feet upwards.

Now this is something to watch for when you buy a gadget or when you do sit ups yourself. What are you working? Think of where your abs are and see if that is what is being "curled". Your stomach area is what should be folding inwards, not your hips.

With that said, if you are looking to work your abs, the inversion chair seems to be working the hips. Leaning back and coming forward again puts your hips into action. Depending on the range of motion, your abs might come in at some point of the movement, but it is not the primary target. If you're like Linda, and have a few back issues, your first concern is your back and second is how hard your abs are working. For ab exercises, your best bet is one of those swiss balls. There are hundreds of exercises you can do with them and over time, you can increase the level of difficulty with it.

When looking at office chairs and exercise equipment another question you should ask yourself is, "is my body doing the work or is the gadget/equipment leading the way and my body simply following the motion?"

I went from a physical job to sitting at a computer all day and my body is definitely not happy. I started looking at different chairs and came across this ball chair. Seeing as you are not on a flat surface, your stablizing muscles are put to work to keep you steady. Now this isn't a heavy workout or a painful one and seeing as you control the amount of air in the ball you control how hard your muscles work.

I ordered my chair on Friday and should be getting it this week.

Check it out:

I'll let you know how it goes!

Sorry for writing a sort of short story on this.:)

Linda Buquet

Wow Amelie, thanks so much for taking the time to write all that.
What good advice! Hope you enjoy the chair.

I have a large balance ball I sit on at the computer sometimes to work my core too.

I meant to post about this but I did get my inversion chair.
Oh and it doesn't work your hips at all. It's not so much for exercising,
you just hang upside down so gravity gently stretches your vertebrae.

It feels AMAZING and I love the concept.
However MAJOR problems with the chair.
Missing parts, broken parts all kinds of things.
Read my Amazon review for complete details. Stamina Seated Inversion Core Training System

I need to call Amazon and the manufacturer to see what can be done, but like I said in the review it's too hard to pack up, ship back and assemble another one.

Amelie K

New Member
That's too bad you've been having problems with the chair. Usually fitness equipment companies have repair guys, they should be able to send somebody over to help you with it. If you lived here in Montreal, I'd ask the repair dude that works at the gym I worked at to help you with it!

Linda Buquet

Forgot to update this thread. Just noticed I'm on the 1st page of Google for "inversion chairs" so thought I should post a follow-up for any Googlers that stop by.

Was not able to get through to Amazon so contacted Stamina Products, the manufacturer. They took down the list of all the damaged and missing parts and sent them all to me at no charge, which was nice. This shipping box was totally insufficient again this time too and was almost totally demolished by the time it got here. Luckily the parts did not fall out and nothing was damaged in shipment.

I sure love hanging out in this thing though.
Best therapy I've found so far for my back and neck. It feels amazing!