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Starting with Zero money.. Trying to make atleast some!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bleo, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Bleo

    Bleo Affiliate affiliate

    Hey everyone..
    I am from India and have tried for years to learn something about the business, unfortunately the free info isnt up to the mark always and I have no money to buy any guides to learn, so I am browsing forums to get information that could help me make money.
    RIght now the big one for me is CPA. Trying to crack the free traffic part.. Hope to read some new and quality information up here...
    Take care guys!! Nice to be in a forum which feels a bit personal..
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  2. newbidder
  3. DareToDream

    DareToDream Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Bleo,

    Free traffic takes time, but can be very profitable long term. The best advice that I can give you is volume. Don't make one site and nurture it. This just takes too long to test. Think of it like handing out fliers for a physical business. You can’t hand out one flyer and expect to get a customer. Well in internet marketing each page is a flyer that you are trying to get seen so make as many pages as you can and as many sites as you can. Then try to post on other peoples sites as comments to bring their readers over to your site.

    If you have any other questions hit me up.

  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    When driving traffic to a site, you need to target the traffic you want. If you try to put up an abundance of sites all at the same time, you will never earn anything. Do one site at a time. How many and how often depend entirely on which model you are developing.

    The best free traffic on the planet is SEO traffic. Ranking keywords, ranking videos, and ranking articles and posts. Anything you do can be ranked to develop traffic. Just remember that SEO is not the whole gambit and takes a while for it to become productive.

    Also, "viral traffic" is free traffic. This requires specialized skills (you can do it) to keep targeted towards your ideal prospects.

    With free traffic, you need lots of volume. So if you are on a shared server, you will blow past your bandwidth quickly and page loads will become unbearably slow resulting in a high bounce rate.

    You are better off, by a long shot, to save some money and learn to benefit from paid traffic. It will produce immediate results. Free traffic will take you months to provide you with anything significant. Professionals in the industry know how to generate free traffic, but generally don't make it their priority until they have embedded their traffic from paid sources.

    By the time you get enough free traffic to a CPA landing page, the offer will have been pounded to death by competitors using paid traffic. This results in you being at the end of the creatives lifetime which means you won't get anything significant for your efforts.

    $100 paid traffic today can be $200 tomorrow. Free traffic cannot do this.

    1. Get a VPS ($30 a month)
    2. Join two networks
    3. Create a monthly budget
    4. Create a work schedule that includes study time
    5. Select a business model for your CPA. eg: dating vertical, landing pages (at least two), tracker one that can rotate ads and LP's)
    6. You need to learn to write copy (plenty of free data on this and extremely important.)
    7. Learn to build landing pages or find an inexpensive service to do it.

    This is just a brief example of what will get you earning money.

    If you have been learning for years and still haven't earned anything, then you just didn't have real initiative (IMO). You can follow my advice and simply use the info in this forum to start earning a few hundred a week.

    Pick one vertical, one tracker, one (paid) traffic source, get a VPS, and master them. It should take you no more than a couple of months to master them and you will be earning along the way.This is how it is done, this is how all of us that are earning made it through the initial stages, no exceptions.

    T J
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