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Affiliates Wanted South-East Asia: what is hot right now


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Affiliate Manager

South-East Asia is historically considered the best destination for mobile CPA. But lately it has suffered some changes due to new states' regulations on mobile marketing. Is it still worth your attention?
Let's have a look.

Indonesia and India both used to be best destinations for mobile content offers, but now lost their positions. Still, there is something that converts here – APK offers.
INT APK (Tools) (21616)
WW APK MS + Adult (21472)
WW APK (Browser) (21483)
Also, Indian carrier Tata performs good recently. Of course it is not as big as Vodafone, still you can find and monetize Tata traffic.
IN Best of Bollywood Tata (22073)
IN Music Unlimited Tata (22074)

Like many other countries in the region, Sri Lanka is not showing CR of 2-3% as it once did. Nevertheless, it keeps appearing in our top lists!
LK Hot Chillies Airtel (13910)
LK Fashion Flash Airtel (14178)
LK Spicy Girls Airtel Redirect (20078)
LK Cool Club Hutch (14690)

Thailand has its up and downs, at the moment more down than up. However, if you have TH traffic, you give it a try at WapEmpire.
TH Campus Star True (21608)
TH Talk of the town Truemove (21169)

It is easy to find offers for MY. Much harder to find the one you can earn money with. At WapEmpire we have a really good offers you are going to fell in love with!
MY Games Club Maxis (21983)
Also, RON offers Smartlink is a nice option with average eCPM of $1.8.

Similar situation for Myanmar. We have our adorable smartlink and a couple of star offers:
MM Thingyan Festival Redirect Ooredoo (20688)
MM Myanmar Hits Ooredoo (21669)

And finally, Cambodia.
If you ask me, the best GEO to try in South-East Asia today is Cambodia. Like in any tier-3 countries, payouts are pretty low, but good conversion ratio makes it work! The best mobile operator is Smart, the best offers are here!
KH Korean Drama (21144)
KH Korean Drama Redirect (21145)
KH Women's Workout (21747)

Find all the listed offers and even more of them at WapEmpire!