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  1. Indoleads

    Guide Earn Festive Fortunes: Top Affiliate Programs for Holi 2024 Revealed!

    Are you ready to add a splash of success to your affiliate marketing endeavors? As Holi, the vibrant festival of colors, approaches on March 25th this year, India gears up for a whirlwind of celebrations. But amidst the joyful chaos, there's a golden opportunity for affiliates to capitalize on...
  2. PayV

    Affiliates Wanted New EXCLUSIVE offer for India - traffic needed!

    Payv affiliate network has launched an exclusive Indian offer with enormously great CR! The offer is a sweepstakes form submit with pre-landers. Average CR during tests: 1.5% Average payout rate: $0.8 - $1.5 Prelander example: click. All mobile carriers allowed! May you have any Indian...
  3. Clickadu Denis

    Selling Traffic [Selling] A lot of Push Notifications traffic available.

    And by lot... We mean... A LOT. Hello there. Seeking for new Push traffic sources? Clickadu has a list of TOP-badass countries for Push Notification CPC traffic available: India - 590M Daily Impressions - $0,001 CPC VietNam - 133M Daily Impressions - $0,004 CPC France - 53M Daily Impressions...
  4. DailyAffiliate

    Managed VPS Hosting. Which one is best?

    Hello, I am looking for managed VPS hosting with datacenter in India. Please let me know if anyone have any suggestion. I found lot of good ones but none of them have datacenter in India.
  5. Edack

    Edack | India | AM Newbie | Introduction

    Hello AffiliateFix, Edack From India here; A 25yo Newbie to AM. Though in 2012, I was earning quite well from CPAGrip with free traffic. (Youtube/Vimeo; Blasted with GSA SER+Social Posting) Before now, I was running an SEO Agency. Handling clients, lying for their benefit, licking, explaining...
  6. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted South-East Asia: what is hot right now

    South-East Asia is historically considered the best destination for mobile CPA. But lately it has suffered some changes due to new states' regulations on mobile marketing. Is it still worth your attention? Let's have a look. Indonesia and India both used to be best destinations for mobile...
  7. jJackEvance

    Wedding traditions

    In which country are the most interesting wedding traditions?
  8. Kumar Rahul

    Good day all! New member here!

    Hi, Thank you very much for letting me in this amazing community. I hope to learn new things and I will always try to help others as much as I can. I am a computer science graduate from India and I love trekking and travelling. Cheers and happy earning.
  9. Clickadu Denis

    Selling A lot of ID, IN popunder traffic just for you

    Looking for IN, ID traffic? Clickadu got a lot of High-Quality popunder traffic for sale. ID - 6,6+ mln impressions daily - CPM $1 IN - 8,2+ mln impressions daily - CPM $1 Grab it while it's hot! Use the link for quick navigation.
  10. suklanarayan

    This is Narayan Shukla

    Currently I staying in Pune, doing Digital Marketing Job. I am new in this forum, so just wanted to say every one a big HII... Also I wanted to learn and earn money online. Please get in touch so that we can share valuable information with each other.
  11. shafi kasmani

    What affiliate marketing do we promote in india?

    Before I tried to promote blog or post or ads in india! Example make money online from clickbank products but indian failed to buy because indian debit card are not support! Only credit card but most indian people use debit card! So guess me what best affilaite marketing will I promote ads in...
  12. Param Singh

    Hello from Param

    Hello Everyone. This is Param Singh, from India. Landed on AffiliateFix few 2-3 days back and was reading threads in newbie affiliates area. Joined AffiliateFix only because I was amazed to see the kind of helping replies from the senior members and administrators of AffiliateFix. Feels like I...
  13. Krishan Kumar

    Any network with Adult CPA offers for India?

    Is there any CPA Network which have some good Adult offers for Indian Traffic ?
  14. Andy Barden

    Best verticals in India, Thailand and Vietnam

    Hi guys I have been in the affiliate game for some time but new to media buying and want to get an idea from you on these 3 geos Does anyone have any experience and what did you find were the most successful verticals?
  15. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted India. Agressive promotion needed

    WapEmpire knows you wanted it. Promote great mobile CPA Indian offers as aggressively, as you can, join us today! Are you aggressive enough to try our new Indian offers? With payouts increased from $0.37 to $0.67 you cannot ignore them. Pick any or all at once, click here to get the...
  16. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Who has FB and Email traffic for India?

    MonsterAds have landed two great deals accepting traffic in India. If you can target this geo please reach out to my skype to discuss further. Unfortunately the offer is private so I can't post the preview. It is however a lead gen, has no cap and best of all we pay net5 weekly. We're looking...