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Reusing privacy policy question

Discussion in 'Business Management' started by blackdata, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. blackdata

    blackdata Affiliate affiliate

    Today as I was launching a new site I was doing my usual copying of my framework into place and as I was renaming www.domain1.com to www.domain2.com in my privacy policy it got me thinking that the privacy policy is the only thing in my framework that I don't change and keep 99% the same as I spin up new sites. I originally generated it over at www.generateprivacypolicy.com and was wondering if google will penalize my site or hopefully just the privacy policy page for duplicate content. Because I know I'm not the only person in the world to have that privacy policy but there must be thousands of sites that have used it. So what do you think? Think I am going to take a hit on my site for having a privacy policy that is 99% the same as possibly thousands of others? all the other content on my site is 100% unique and high quality.
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  3. Nymph

    Nymph Affiliate affiliate

    It is a privacy policy, it holds no value other than telling a user who is completely oblivious to the the use of cookies and tracking information how said information will be used. I hardly think Google will penalize you for that. To back this up, I have seen many legitimate SEO "gurus" making use of one good, structured policy that can be found practically anyplace else. Technically, every webmaster's privacy policy is the exact same information reworded, sometimes only ever so slightly. Some will go into more depth than others.

    If you are really worried about this, then simply disallow the Google Bot to crawl your privacy page. It won't factor into your ranking either way then.
  4. sam11

    sam11 Affiliate affiliate

    Don't even worry about it. It's likely that your privacy policy is the same as the one on my sites ;) Google knows that some pages will always have the same content. It knows that Privacy Policy pages or Disclaimer pages will sometimes be identical or close to that. You don't get penalized for it because it's a known fact and everyone is doing it.

    You could always stop the bot from crawling that page, just like Nymph pointed out, but I don't thinks it's necessary. I've used the exact same Privacy Policy and just changed the website name and haven't had any issues ever.
  5. Yorozuya

    Yorozuya Affiliate affiliate