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Paid Survey Project - Viable project? What's next?

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by olleper, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. olleper

    olleper Affiliate affiliate

    I received this project from one of my affiliate managers, suggesting that it could be a good and profitable project.

    As I looked at the project, I concluded that there was no hope as a direct PPC campaign. This needed a landing page - and some pre-selling. At the same time I was looking at Luke’s FPT program and decided to do both a Facebook fan page and a landing page.

    And here they are - the basics anyway - so now we just need some cute add-ons and tweaking.
    Make Money with Survey Emails.

    And here we have the companies / vendors landing page.
    Earn Cash for Email, Surveys, Shopping, and More!

    Not really a landing page, no call to action - and no decisiveness about the next move.

    So the question for my ingenious friends here;
    Does survey campaigns in general still work, or are they saturated and passed?
    What about “Surveys Email” particularly – paying $0.50 for a 15 minute survey?

    In addition I actually joined the program and completed a survey, and now 24 hours later there is no conversion showing in the affiliate networks reports.

    So guys, is this worth the effort?
    And if it is - how to move forward with this?
    After confirming that I do get the conversions through, would it be worthwhile spending $30-$50 on a Facebook campaign?
  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    If i'm being 100% honest with you - i'd start again.

    I don't want to be disheartening but any campaign must be taken with the seriousness you intend to get out of it.

    From what I can see you have a cool FB page and site but it looks VERY average and unpro.....think about it, your FB page has pixelated graphics, your site is on a subdomain of your blog with totally irrelevant content on it (the side menus, header etc)

    If it was me, i'd suggest trying this for sure there is still money in the whole GPT type program but i'd get a little more serious about it.

    - Invest in a clean, pro logo (Fiverr $5)
    - Invest in it's own domain (Godaddy $10)
    - Invest in a nice clean theme (theme forest)
    - Write a blog about how you make money online doing surveys

    This could be a great angel - Find these programs yourself that have their own referral programs, earn money from them yourself and then blog about it with payment proof, earnings, a monthly earning report etc - get yourself known in THAT space as the "Survey King"... "Look how much I earned this month from xxx, you can do it too - join here" type thing....but provide decent content and grow your fan page etc. You will have to stick with it if you want this to pay but you can definitely make it work......Just get a little more serious..

    Again I DON'T in one bit mean to offend you as you're doing GREAT and taking action but here's the best piece of advice I can offer......Pick ONE THING and stick to it!
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  4. nsilvacr2013

    nsilvacr2013 Affiliate affiliate

    It seems to tough, but that's what we really need to be better, an experienced person who take the time to be honest and give his best thoughts. Thanks K great advice and greate share.
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