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Discussion in 'Testing, Optimization and Scaling' started by saisirisha, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. saisirisha

    saisirisha Affiliate affiliate

    How to optimize my website?
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Certified

    kvchosting New Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    1. Check your TDK (Title, Keyword, Description
    2. Optimized your HTML Code using CSS preferable
    3. Create sitemap and make sure you have breadcrumb on all your products so that SE Crawler able to crawler all your pages
    4. Submit to GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) and Submit your Sitemap
    5. Create Good Content and make sure is user-friendly and good for user
    6. Important Steps, creating a backlinks that relevant to your site like using PBN
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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    The six items that @kvchosting posted here are awesome.

    I'd like to elaborate on the last point raised "Important Steps, creating a backlinks relevant to your site like using PBN".

    Your goal here is in bringing more people to visit your site. The more visits you have, the more chances you have for your site to gain relevancy to the search engines who are indexing your pages. Backlinks from other sites to yours (ideally, sites that are complementary to yours) are a great option, but sharing your site and its message across social media or paid media campaigns are also viable options for manufacturing that relevancy.

    The bottom line in this is website optimization is a never-ending effort, so always devote a little of your time each day or week to contributing to your site's optimization efforts!

  5. TerryShop

    TerryShop Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for your support. For me these knowledge is also important.
  6. affjobs

    affjobs Affiliate affiliate

    What sort of site do you have?
    Get it listed on as many relevant aggregators as possible. Free traffic + link juice.
  7. Eve Jones

    Eve Jones Affiliate affiliate

    Have you tried consulting any SEO firm?
  8. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    hire some good developer from fiveer that's better and cheaper :).
    good luck .
  9. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    I have got a working *anti* SEO experiment going ;)
    • I took an old domain of mine that has been dormant 10 years.
    • Made a new responsive site design.
    • The site is only 2 pages with limited content and topic.
    • I ignored all the SEO ass clowns and just did what I thought was a good UX (user experience) website. A website presentation designed for peoples' usability and utility.
    • I followed most basic good practices with regard to page code.
    • I probably followed some on page SEO just out of habit.
    • I didn't nofollow my affiliate links (I did use my domain redirection however).
    • I added Google-Analytics to that domain.
    The results
    Advertising: I bought a 4K better quality popunders and skims in May


    numbers don't lie


    Organic SEO INCREASED 180% the number count was small but the increase was real -- I made no onpage changes this month from last -- how can this be?

    **the reason the direct shows a decline is for reason that most of May's direct visitors were ad referrals with no referrer given by the browser -- a browser quirk that is common.

    Now, does advertising drive SEO, search in particular? Interestingly enough, the keyword branding is in the keywords on that page driving traffic. The page has no domain name referrals (yet).

    The page has been crawled by everybody for years -- for years is was just a hello world page on one of my servers with no G-A and 1 backlink from another of my webcam domains, on the same server, that elGoog hates :D.

    How can this be :D:D:D

    I am starting a new ad campaign soon to this domain -- adding some new content/offers and one more page. The pages are dynamic with the cams (<the offers) constantly changing, the text is limited to that performer's name -- no spammy keyword loaded text :) Less work actually ...

    character count 3378 index-page
    word count 566 index-page

    Contratian thinking perhaps ... what matter is the results.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
  10. Vasil Kamburov

    Vasil Kamburov Affiliate affiliate

    Hi @Graybeard, I would love to get a clarification as to how the process went.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2018
  11. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    One search per day with no SEO effort :p

    The website is only one page -- so there is no depth of content.

    I think the the bounce rate is so high because the model names searched were offline and not on the page.


    Not bad without trying/effort but the keyword search value (volume) is very low. So they are relatively easy keywords to rank.
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  12. martinsmith

    martinsmith Affiliate affiliate

    To optimize your website follow these :
    1. Provide proper Title, Description and Keywords
    2. Genuine Content
    3. Minimize CSS files
    4. Create Webmaster tools
    5. Image Optimization( Alt Tags )
    6. Genuine Content
    7. Setup google analytics account
    7. Generate quality backlinks through off page seo optimization...
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  13. monicageller3691

    monicageller3691 Affiliate affiliate

    Some of the key points while optimizing a website:
    1. Analyze your website
    2. Keywords research
    3. Include meta tags
    4. Update new content
    5. Add internal and external links as well
    6. Spread keywords strategically through your content.