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Online marketing or offline marketing ??

Dr. Forum

Online marketing is the type of marketing in which you are targeting people who basically use the internet in most cases. In this type of marketing, you will be able to use things such as email and even social media platforms. On the other hand, offline marketing is that which you are targeting people who are basically offline. You can do this by one on one or even through the print media and billboards.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Since you are here, just begin with Online marketing...
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Hey ,
What's the diffrence between Online marketing and offline marketing ??
AND which of them suitable for me as a beginner ??
Regardless , kindly :)

Hey there! Online marketing is a method of promoting a website/product/service using the internet to target online users. So it means, anything that you promote through the World Wide Web is included under this marketing area to get the internet user's attention. On the other hand, offline marketing pertains to the conventional ways of promoting like print ads, leaflets, or just about anything to target prospects who you think are not accessing the internet as often as others...:)

My advice to you now is make the most out of the resources that you have. If you have a PC and stable internet connection, then go for online marketing. If not, then choose the offline approach...:)

Julia Ovejero

Online. You can controle it wherever (as long as you have internet connection... but hey, who doesn't nowadays?)
Plus an online lead is more probable to be looking for the service/product, than an offline lead.

good luck!



Depending on what you have to promote :) If you are the business owner, have a product or service, you should do both! But if you are just looking for some way to make money all by yourself - online marketing it is!

Deepika Gabani

There are quite a few differences between online and offline marketing. Many companies work on both marketing strategy to create brand awareness and reach till audiences Many Website Design Company follow with online marketing techniques to get high traffic for will response as higher ratio of profit then the loss for business.
But Online marketing is best.