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one more journey... slow but steady to $10k/mo

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Andre Loureiro, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Andre Loureiro

    Andre Loureiro Affiliate affiliate


    I am starting my journey now.
    Actually, I 've been doing it since the begin of the year.

    I have read a lot about IM, tried a lot of products , invested lots of money, but had yet no real result yet. I'm still hanging on a 9-5 job to guarantee my income.

    I am often overwhelmed by the ammount of decisions I have to take when working on Internet Marketing, and I end up postponing the tasks or doing incomplete tasks, leaving it when I get some obstacle or when I lose vision of the whole scene.

    some of the tasks that I associate with this trade are:

    get into a CPA network.
    find some good offers
    build lead page
    capture email
    build mail list
    plug in some traffic
    track the traffic
    increase conversions
    optimize ad campaign
    develop a great mail sequence/ build relationship with list
    deal with spam filters

    So I need to take action... to generate numbers.

    My 1st step was to sign up to a bing account and get a £50 coupon to spend in 90 days.

    My 2nd step was to sign up to Maxbounty and discuss with my great Aff Manager what are some great offers, with great EPC. I already found one that is targeted to canadians.

    Now I just linked bing ads to my offer to see what I get. I made 1 ad for 73 Keywords and set my daily budget to 50 BRL ( less than £ 10) so that I could get what words are getting an attention and optimize the budget to them.

    I got it all set by feb 28 and after 24 h, there has been 0 impressions of my ad.

    I called the support number earlier and the attendant told me that my campaign is elligible and that the bids are ok to appear on 1st place to the words I chose, and that it's all set to geotarget canada, etc. So she asked me to wait a little more for the numbers

    So, I am waiting for it... I have set the campaign to end in 3 days, by Mar 02.

    So this is the beginning ( one more , lol) of my journey.

    Best to all
  2. newbidder
  3. VanTanHien

    VanTanHien Affiliate affiliate

    Do you have skype ? I really like your way !
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  4. Andre Loureiro

    Andre Loureiro Affiliate affiliate

    hey man,

    Yes, I have a skype account , but I am hardly using it these days.

    let's develop this topic here.

    what are your thoughts on building a lead page and capturing email?

    I ve had some issues using tools like mail chimp and optimize press
    The main problem was that hotmail was filtering the double opt in confirmation emails. I felt unsure on how it would behave on other email providers
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  5. HelenVendo

    HelenVendo Affiliate affiliate

    I like your strategy. It's great you have such a detailed plan. But let me give you an advice. If you quit 9 to 5 job you won't lose anything moreover you'll get much more. You'll be able to concentrate fully on these tasks and earn much more as this niche can give you more than any 9 to 5 job.
    I've quited when my earning from side work were twice bigger but now I think if I've quited earlier, my income would raise quicker.
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  6. HCFGrizzly

    HCFGrizzly Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    It`s easy to suggest to someone else to quit their day job. We all know that there is money to be made in IM, but remember that not all the people are the same. I have read some stories of people that didn`t turn profit even after 3 years of doing internet marketing.
    You might be right, but do you want to share with us why didn`t you quit your job from the start? It`s easy to say now what might have been in the past :)
    My suggestion to the OP: Don`t quit your day job until you obtain a steady income. After that, sky is the limit, but you need to have some experience first.
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  7. HelenVendo

    HelenVendo Affiliate affiliate

    I fully agree with you. I'm just sharing my experience.
    And what about why didn't I quit earlier, I was waiting for the moment when affliate marketing will start brigning this steady income. So it's really not for everyone, it's scary to quit when you have no guarantees you'll succed.
    I'm just saying that returning back I'd quit earlier, although now I know that I can succeed in it but I didn't know it at that moment.
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  8. Andre Loureiro

    Andre Loureiro Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Helen! Thanks for sharing! I am not really sure on leaving my job While I don't make some serious income here with CPA. I think I am too impulsive If I had a lot of free time and ways to go. I'm afraid I would end up spending my budget buying CPA courses and tools.

    As you said, with your own experience, I am going to quit When I become sure that I am already able to generate the same or + than What my job pays now. It would be very risky to quit it now, and I know that I would be vulnerable to my wife and family perceptions.

    Anyways I look forward to be in the same situation you look to be now. Sucess stories are always great!

    yes I think that I ve been reading about marketing and IM for 5 years now... but never got much beyond some online auctions and small endeavours. At times I would blame my country , Brazil , and say that due to its different culture , the opportunities are not the same.

    I definitely agree with having more experience, and that's what I am aiming at, before going to the big career changes ;)

    by the way I am going to post my journey updates in a few hours.
  9. Andre Loureiro

    Andre Loureiro Affiliate affiliate

    Hello there,

    Yes' Ive been proscrastinating.. but here I am again.

    As I explained in a previous post I had just set a bing campaign targeting around 70 keywords.

    I chose an offer from maxbounty, made a little research and created some small ads.

    I just set it and forgot by march 2016.

    Last Thursday I had a very disappointing moment at my banking career. It made me very angry and made me remodel my efforts: I knew I had to dedicate my best efforts and free time to developing a professional CPA marketing practice.

    I went to check my forgottten BING campaign. Istarted my signup with a 3month £50 coupon

    I was surprised when I saw it generated 4 dollars out of 13 clicks by April.

    In fact I Thought that my credit had been depleted.. but my suprise it only generated 30 clicks for £ 11.

    And it generated 2 actions , earning me a total of US$ 8
    It gave me inspiration to continue my CPA Journey.


    Now I am looking forward to increase this traffic volume. I bought 10K deutsche traffic from kingtraffic.net... But not very good after 1 day use... got already 450 visits but no conversion

    When I master this I believe that the next natural progression will be creating lead pages and capturing subscribers
  10. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I am happy that you final started your affiliate marketing journey. One good thing i have discovered is that you have figured out all the facts that are required. be sure to just follow the steps you have and stick to the milestones and targets. They will always pull you up especially when challenges come into action. Otherwise all the best buddy.
  11. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    that's Good A t least U got Leads From the beginning
    But Don't Quit Your Job until U have Some steady Online Income Cus u need To find Your Traffic Sources And .....
    U know All that
  12. boengroup

    boengroup Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, im at the same place with you now.
  13. Andre Loureiro

    Andre Loureiro Affiliate affiliate

    hello there guys!

    Just wanted to share some of my thoughts.... kinda like a memory dump

    I've been granted 4 free days from my 9-5 ... So I am using it until sunday to get something rolling.

    But then again it's very frustrating sometimes to make it work.

    I've used a 30 day refund guarantee to get my money back from an IPage hosting Plan. I dindt like their control panel and it seemed very begginner and lacked better funcionalities. I also had problems to set prosper202... and optimizepress plugin was acting weird there.

    I have signed for some services in the mean time:

    Improvely.com - click tracking --- free until june 1st ... 29 USD/mo after.

    hostgator - signed for a 6 month hosting package

    optimizepress plugin - renewed my license 'til May 2017
    landerapp.com - I was getting mad with Ipage and lost my whole thursday tryiing to fix things. Then , at the end of the day I saw how easy it would be to sign for a landing page app trial..

    Mailchimp - signed for the 10USD automation package for 0-500 subscribers.

    I also bought 4k US impressions from Ad.fly for 20 USD
    and US$ 50 on buysellads

    All I wanted was to have some ads linked directly to my free email submit offers. But then, after hearing many trainings and courses, I was convinced of the stupidity of not getting leads to sign up for a mail list.

    But I am really getting mad and frustated sometimes... all those tech stuff, design variables and traffic sources to decide on, the messages that should go on automation... Sometimes I get stressed out and burn myself.

    The craziest part is to talk to my wife and family and dont have much to show yet... and also the tech difficulties I am getting sometimes. My wife "kind of" believe in this industry but still asks me to keep studying to get a better 9-5.

    Just wanted to share how frustrating it is to do stuff without having a clear checklist on what must be done, so not to lose focus.

    Also, english is not my main language, so I have some blocks while copywriting and making ads.

    that's it by now ! Gonna enjoy a wine and a 2h movie now.

    I think That I have to reorganize my to do list as soon as I get ready for the next round.


    p.s. : Today I was hearing something at the radio about how some Asiatic countries plan their economies for 100 years. Planning ... that's the essence of building something uh? I have some planning sketches... but more and more I see how it's needed to improve and advance. PLanning and learning
  14. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    That's Confusing Buddy What Can I say
    U still Need information "What u don't Know Will Hurt you in Financial"
    But Don't Stop Keep it

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