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  1. thehustler

    Multiple domains CPA offer page and Bing

    Hey, some of the CPA offers have the domains changing constantly. For example, if it's a pin submit offer, one time the domain is and the other time it's anything like or something like that but the entire content of the page is the same. Only the domain...
  2. Hus_aan

    $10 Budget for Bing ads

    Hello Fixers, I am planing to set Bing ads for this black Friday. i have budget of $10. Can i run in this budget? I am planning to run clickbank offers ... It will work or not..? Please share your reviews and help me to get some profit from it..
  3. A

    Bing AD For CPA

    Hi I am Targeting tier 1 Countries for some of beauty related products, I have raised bid but still my ads are not getting clicks in-spite of impressions. I have choosen Exact match keywords and Phrase match both. Should i try Native ad or Facebook ads?
  4. S

    √ Pay-Per-Call √ AdWords √ BingAds √ Networks √ Facebook √ Organic Search

    Greetings! I'm Sanjay from Delhi. Running Pay-Per-Call campaigns for verticals including technical support. Serious discussions around digital marketing, pay-per-call will be considered. Professional of interests: √ Google AdWords √ Microsoft BingAds √ Organic Search √ Video / YouTube √ Social...
  5. Karmand93

    Over $32K Spent On Bing so far!

    Haven't posted in a while. And Please do not take this the wrong way, I just wanted to know...what's the highest you've spent on an advertising network. Here is my stats so far on bing, with an average cpc of about 0.20 cent. I bid only exact and phrase, but NEVER broad.
  6. osmansafdar

    Need help with setting up my first cpvlab campaign

    Hey guys, So i have purchased and installed cpvlab on a vps hosting... Created my landing page.. Selected an offer from Maxbounty... Got Bingads coupon so have $100 in my Bingads account... But i am having trouble with setting up the Cpvlab campaign! Just dont know where to start. = So i...
  7. Andre Loureiro

    one more journey... slow but steady to $10k/mo

    Hello, I am starting my journey now. Actually, I 've been doing it since the begin of the year. I have read a lot about IM, tried a lot of products , invested lots of money, but had yet no real result yet. I'm still hanging on a 9-5 job to guarantee my income. I am often overwhelmed by the...