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NEW! 2023 Insider info & tips to succeed on Adcash + Ask Us Anything


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Hello AffiliateFix, and happy new year!

We are really excited to spend another year with you sharing our most important tips and tricks for YOU to succeed in affiliate marketing, online advertising, or website monetization.

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For those of you who haven't heard about us - Adcash is a global self-serve online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers. We've been in the game for 15+ years and our advanced in-house optimization technology together with our long ad tech experience provides your business with digital advertising tools that deliver real results.

Our main ad formats with massive supply are Pop-Under, Interstitial and In-Page Push. While we also offer Native and Banner ads. Our smart ad technology makes your affiliate marketing journey simple, enjoyable, and profitable!

More info and statistics about our traffic volumes, the most popular geos, and verticals will be added to this thread from now on! We'll start updating you with our platform's trends, success cases, and updates from now on.

Ask Us Anything

We're here to help you get the most out of our platform. So, whether you have specific questions about a campaign you're running or you want to know more about our features, traffic, etc, please feel free to comment under this thread and we'll assist you!

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Take care,
Team Adcash​
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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
Time to learn from 2022 to rock it in 2023! Stats from December 2022

Find out which formats, countries and device types bring in the most traffic and optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement.

Global Advertiser Reach: #December2022 Highlights:

Total #AdRequests Generated - 112 Billion Worldwide

Total #AdImpressions Generated - 9,4 Billion Worldwide

Highest Impressions per #AdFormat - Full-Screen (64%)

Highest Impressions per Device Type - Mobile (36%)

Dec Stats-01.png

Most Tier 1 Impressions - USA (645 Million)

Most Tier 3 Impressions - India (325 Million)

Dec Countries-01.png


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
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