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  1. adcash_team

    Official Adcash 2024 Insider Info & Tips to Succeed + Ask Us Anything

    Hi everyone! Happy 2024! You can easily follow this thread all year long to get the latest updates about the Adcash platform, Insider Info and Exclusive Tips and Bonuses to make 2024 the year to raise your advertising game up a notch. Get to Know Us If you're new here, welcome! Adcash is...
  2. K

    Seeking Help Has anyone here ever tried DaoAD and Clickaine? please share your experience

    Hello everyone, I want to try out new ad platforms and I just want to make sure I make the right choice. So, has anyone here ever tried advertising on Daoads or Clickaine? If you had please share your experience. Thank you.
  3. adcash_team

    NEW! 2023 Insider info & tips to succeed on Adcash + Ask Us Anything

    Hello AffiliateFix, and happy new year! We are really excited to spend another year with you sharing our most important tips and tricks for YOU to succeed in affiliate marketing, online advertising, or website monetization. For those of you who haven't heard about us - Adcash is a global...
  4. Gibster

    SmartCPA and CPA Self-Serve Platforms

    Hello everyone, We're looking for self-serve platforms that allow you to run campaigns on either a SmartCPA or even clean CPA model (oh and rev share). We're working with a couple already but would like to invest most of our budget in platforms of this type. We also prefer self-serve as we have...