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My organization is growing by leaps and bounds. 107 new people in the last 4 days. But most are coming with the help of my sponsor. I would like to better develop my personal sponsoring skills to help stabalize my business. I would love to hear from anyone who has a truly successfull path to follow which would allow me to develop my skills.


Linda Buquet

Hi Milfredo,

Most of the people on this board are affiliate marketers NOT MLMers. But I'm sure we have some that dabble in network marketing. I used to years ago but haven't used the old 'sponsoring' skills for awhile so they are pretty rusty.


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To be a good sponsor, you need to be able to train people, have good people skills, and make sure your downline knows you'll be there for them. It helps when your downline knows they can come to someone when they feel as if they are in trouble. I know I feel reassured when I can deal with a live person who knows what they're doing. That is what I do and find it helpful.

Furthermore, make sure you know the company inside and out just in case you are hit with unexpected questions. In adition to that, make sure you are patient.

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