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Guide Navigating iGaming Marketing Pitfalls: Top Strategies to Avoid Common Mistakes


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Avoiding mistakes and improving your iGaming campaigns are important steps towards success and maximizing profits. So we've created a guide featuring an impactful checklist of common iGaming marketing mistakes.

Whether venturing into a new market or seeking to attract fresh players from existing targeting segments, you encounter unique challenges. The dynamic yet regulated iGaming sector operates by its own set of rules. Today, we delve into a comprehensive breakdown, categorizing these critical iGaming advertising errors into two different parts:

  • Media buying: specifics of running ads
  • iGaming platform’s website or landing page
Moreover, this guide will cover:
  • Wrong scaling timing
  • Setting limits and filters
  • Complexity of the sales funnel
  • Ads and landing pages match
  • And much more…
Follow this link to read the full guide in our blog.