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  1. DylanGordon

    3 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

    Hey everybody, here's an article pointing out affiliate marketing mistakes that are common in beginners. 1. Not providing value up-front I see a lot of affiliates pushing a course, software, or product with little to no value up-front. Instead of helping the customer "Like, Know, and Trust"...
  2. Striction

    Selling All my affiliate marketing, list building, advertising & MORE!

    Hello everyone! Today I am willing to sell all my courses that has very good information on them, these courses also have video seminar within them so it can be easily learned. These courses differ from other courses because you will actually see what's happening, everything will be on screen...
  3. The Vape Affiliate

    Strictly Juice Affiliate Manager

    Greetings, Affiliatefix! "Supporting someone's success will never hinder your success." My name is Jaustin and I focus on building powerful, quality leaders in the Affiliate Industry. Using innovative strategies taught and executed by the greatest marketing minds, are essential tips and tools...