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My first Pay Per Call adventure!

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by teeowe, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. teeowe

    teeowe Affiliate affiliate

    Hey everyone,

    So I've decided to set out on my own adventure into Pay Per Call.

    The plan is to hit $100 profit a day ASAP.

    I'm not going to bore you on my life story, I've been involved in affiliate marketing primarily through list building and email marketing for 12 months. Played with CPA but not seriously as didn't know what the heck I was doing.

    Anyway, I've been hard at it studying and absorbing as much as I can. Spending a lot of time on premium23.com (premium posts) and also RingPartners YouTube channel.

    I'll be promoting RingPartners offers and have selected my first offer which is in the health category.

    Plan is to get this offer to a solid ROI before selecting and setting up a new offer.

    Initially I was going to use Bing for traffic but after taking advice from RingPartner and a couple of others I've opted to use Google Adwords Call Only campaigns.

    Using Google Adwords Editor (awesome tool) I set up my first campaign.

    Targeting USA
    9AM - 7PM EST
    2000 keywords (I'm using broad match modified) I'm using each keyword as an ad group.
    Starting low with my budget with £15/$23 per day. And set the CPC £0.15/$0.23.

    I've created two different ad copy and two different landing pages. It is a call only ad, but obviously I need a lander as well.

    So, I launched the ads yesterday and looks like they've been approved as I've had a total of 8 impressions! Ha.

    It's quite clear that the category and offer I'm in is competitive so my CPC is too low.

    Would love to hear some suggestions and opinions on what to look for, how long before I rise the CPC etc.

    Thanks all.
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  2. newbidder
  3. teeowe

    teeowe Affiliate affiliate

    First Update

    So first off, I decided to add an additional campaign, a normal campaign targeting mobile phones rather than a call only ad. In total I have 3 campaigns.

    1 x normal
    2 x call only

    The 2 x call only ads are both the same offer but using different ad copy.

    As mentioned in previous post I started off with low CPC bid of £0.15. After 2 days it was clear it was way too low as I had a total of 14 impressions over those 2 days. I bumped it to £0.25 in an effort to increase impressions.

    It did, but still not by a huge amount.

    So yesterday was the 3rd full day of running the campaigns and the first full day of the normal campaign.

    Normal campaign impression - 72
    Call only campaign impressions - 5 & 7

    0 clicks for any campaigns.

    I know the impressions are still very low. I'm using same keywords for all campaigns.

    Would love to hear some suggestions as to what to do?

    I'm going to increase CPC across all campaigns to see how that effects the impressions.

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  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator

    You need a lot more traffic.
  5. InterGMediaGreg

    InterGMediaGreg Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    what's the payout on the offer?

    as TJ noted you'll prob have to drastically increase your bids.
  6. teeowe

    teeowe Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the input TJ & InterG

    Payout is $8 on a 90 second call.

    Update - Day #4

    OK, so as mentioned I upped my CPC to £0.50 and then £0.80 after posting my update yesterday. Traffic instantly increased and got my first click! I decided to cancel the 1 x normal campaign I was running and just run the 2 x call only campaigns.

    So today started at £0.80 CPC and impressions came thick and fast. I decided t

    In total so far today I've had 1,074 impressions spread over 2 x call only campaigns. I realized I had made a mistake when I noticed that one of the call only campaigns wasn't set to call only! It was covering all features.

    Here's how the impressions and clicks line up so far:


    The top campaign is my mistaken campaign which should be call only but is all features.

    I checked my RingPartners account and found I had 3 conversions equaling $24.

    Obviously I'm at a loss here as I've spent £40 which equals $62 spent.

    I've kept my CPC at £0.80.

    So here's a couple of questions for anyone wishing to give their opinion.

    Should I change my 'All features' campaign to call only despite their being 3 conversions from that campaign out of 12 clicks?

    Is there any particular way of bringing the average CPC down? £3 CPC is going to mean I need 50% conversion on clicks just to break even.

    Any tips and suggestions welcome.



    Just as I posted this I checked my stats in adwords and RingPartners and had got 1 extra click for the call only campaign making it 2 in total and it converted so $32 earned so far today.
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  7. InterGMediaGreg

    InterGMediaGreg Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    so today you've spent $4.50 on the call only campaign and made $16 correct? of course 1 day does not prove long term success but a good start on the call only for sure :)

    (note i had my #s off in my 1st post - corrected now)
  8. teeowe

    teeowe Affiliate affiliate

    I spent $8 and made $16 on the call only campaign.

    What can I do to bring the CPC down? At the moment it's averaging £3/$4.60 CPC. I set the max CPC bid to £1 but obviously that doesn't apply if there are no clicks for that bid.
  9. teeowe

    teeowe Affiliate affiliate

    So it's been a few days since last update.

    In short I got impatient and started tinkering with my campaigns too early without collecting enough data.

    I added additional keywords/adgroups, was playing with CPC prices up and down.

    Although conversions have been steady, my CPC's were ridiculously high meaning I was losing money.

    Friday I had a short call with Mike RingPartners who gave some awesome tips which I immediately put into place.

    So the last couple of days I've managed to dramatically drop my CPC, and now breaking even over the last two days which is awesome.

    The plan is to leave the campaign going for the next week and then look at optimizing after enough data has been collected.

    I will be keeping my eye on search terms and non-relevant keywords and removing if necessary.
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  10. gritmode

    gritmode Affiliate affiliate

    This is awesome that there is actually a follow along for pay per call here. I have a couple of pay per call accounts including ringpartner but never used them. I downloaded guides but there were all really confusing. I'm eager to see where this goes for you and learn more.
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  11. gritmode

    gritmode Affiliate affiliate

  12. teeowe

    teeowe Affiliate affiliate

    OK, update time.

    So the break even trend continued Mon and a slight loss Tue.

    Wednesday saw a 50% ROI which was awesome. Thing is I had a total of 14 clicks for that one campaign, however only 10 calls with 50% conversion.

    Anyway my budget has run out for today and it's been a disappointing day.

    After 50% ROI yesterday, today has seen a loss of 50%, swings and roundabouts. Annoying when yesterday was 50% conversions on the calls and today is 15% conversions!

    I also started a new campaign with a different offer yesterday.

    6 clicks, and only 1 call.

    Then that campaign carried on the same today, I had 5 clicks and 0 calls. Strange.

    I'm plugging away and staying tight with my budget until I start optimizing.
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  13. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the updates.
  14. MaximusPRO

    MaximusPRO Affiliate affiliate

    @teeow I started PPC yesterday. I am promoting similar offers like yours i.e. $8 payout and 90 seconds call.

    Yesterday I created a campaign with £1.20 bid. My campaign is running on auto bid optimization. So the first I got $47, 26 calls and total cost was £15. ROI was like 50% same as yours.

    Today, I lowered my bid to £0.70-£0.90 for my two campaigns. I can say that today is my worst day of earning because my campaigns received 70 calls and I only made $40.

    What I noticed that most of the calls duration is less than 3 seconds and around 15 calls have 20-40 seconds duration. It seems like advertiser is cutting the non profitable calls early so they don't have to pay.

    I feel unfair for paying calls that last only 3 seconds. Adwords took quite a lot money from my account. I must say that Adwords should not charge for calls that last less than 10 seconds.
  15. InterGMediaGreg

    InterGMediaGreg Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    things can vary a lot day-to-day.... personally i'd leave the bids alone for 2-3 days each to get a bit more data as to how well they perform overall.
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  16. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    hey @teeowe where have you been? can you please conclude ... what happened with your campaign. please share if there anything. Looking forward to hear from you soon and wish you a great luck ahead

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