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Mastering Facebook Ads + Mobile CPA

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Luiilly, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Luiilly

    Luiilly Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all,

    First of all, I'd like to apologise about my English writting skills (I'm not a native speaker) :ninja:.

    I've recently joined this forum and I felt in love with the community so I'm going to start the first Follow Along + Case study of my entire life :).

    A Brief Explanation

    Before I start writting nosenses I'd like to let you known that I'm not a newie in the IM world. I've worked ranking sites as SEO for almost 3 years (maybe 4? idk :p) and I've been actively reading IM forums and blogs for the last 5 years or so. I've run one or two CPA campaings with little succes (less than 100$ revenue) but I've never commited so hard to it. I'm gonna change this now.

    I've been working really hard this past weeks and I think that i have a pretty solid base to start with. My strategy is really simple and nothing that you've never seen, but I have some sweet twist in mind that can make this a very profitable campaingn.

    The key feature of my whole promoting strategy is making my ads Viral. I know that is not easy and that every affiliate is looking for the next golden viral nugget but I'm looking for something crazy, I just seeking the little extra viral traffic that can make my ROI go green :rolleyes:.

    So lets finish the chatting!

    In this first post i'm not going to post any data or info (because I haven't started my add camoaign yet), but I'm gonna set the bases (and hopefully receive some feedback :p) and ask some simple questions.

    Facebook Ads

    Initially I'm going to answer a simple but meaningful question:
    • Why use Facebook Ads?
    Facebook ads offers a huge volume and you can get really cheap traffic, on the other side they can be really annoying banning account for no reason (I'm quite scared about that) and there are certain verticals that are totally banned.

    Is an "easy to start" platform and is more likely to become Viral than a domain redirect or some pop traffic.
    • Demographics
    I'm going to target Hispanic demographics (I'm Spanish btw :cool:). Just because the language and the alike mindset that will help me get some interesting angles.

    And now is time to leave some questions to the amazing AffiliateFix folks :p:

    I've never run a Facebook ads campaign and, tough I've been reading a lot about it, I know that you know nothing until you test it by yourself.

    • Do I have to Iframe my offer? Even if it's totally "whitehat"?
    I'm going to promote vouchers and sweepstakes, I think that Facebook allows this kind of offers, but asking never hurt.
    • Can I use the amazing Affkit Tools (back button redirect, mobile vibration) without getting banned?
    • Can I ask the user to share the offer in order to receive his coupon?
    Hope I'm not being too cautious here :(.

    Finally I would like to ask for some advice, I'm sure that there are many tips and tricks that the experienced Facebook Ads marketers had learn trhought their experience, feel free toenlighten me with your wisdom.

    CPA Networks

    I'm going to work with two Spanish networks, CPAWild and FactorAds, mainly because the have more Spanish offers that the foreign networks.


    As I said earlier, I'm going to promote vouchers and sweeptakes. Gift cards and Iphone/Ipad/Galaxy giveaways are the classic ones and I plan to test them out.

    Feel free to leave your opinion about this verticals, any hint would be really appreciated;).

    Landing Pages

    Here's where the magic happens. I've been digging the web really hard in order to find whats working right now. I know that I could just head into some ad Spy tool, but sadly I don't have enough capital.

    I've seen many promising LP and with the help of the DOJO resources and AffKit I'm currently working on my own LP.

    • I'm looking for a way to make a fake facebook comments section on my landing page
    I leave this here, because I know that many experienced marketers had done this before, but for some newbie as me this could be a great idea.

    I know Java, Python and C but HTML and CSS are a new world for me and I think that adding this section to my landing would be a gamechanger.

    Right know I working on my own version but I don't know if I'm gonna get something good. If anybody has an idea, an old template or something useful I'd be eternally grateful :).

    Tracking and Hosting

    I plan to use Prosper202 and a VPS, I've never configured a tracker, but there are some promising tutorials in the Dojo.

    If anybody has some tips about setting up Prosper with Facebook Ads (and their conversion pixel) feel free to let me know :D.


    It may seem that I'm full of doubts (yes I am), but it's wise to ask those who know more than you. Now I can come to this post and see where I hesitated and hopefully don't fail twice in the same place.

    i'm launching my campaign this weekend, so be ready for some tasty Screenshots :cool:.

    I apologize for the length of the post and hope to see you in the comment section.
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  2. Voluum
  3. Luiilly

    Luiilly Affiliate affiliate

    Well, today was quite a busy day.

    Setting Up an VPS

    I ordered an VPS and started to configure it.

    • It came with CentOs installed (the support recommend me this OS because I'm planning to use Node.js).
    • I installed ZPanel
    • Finally I figured out how to install Prosper202.
    I've been working on my landing pages. I think that I have some pretty good ideas, but they're really hard to implement for a non experienced web designer.

    Let's keep working tomorrow!
  4. PharaohDev

    PharaohDev Affiliate affiliate

    Hi , congratulates on the action you took so far ,
    In most cases if you use redirect URLs in Facebook ads , the ad manager will not allow you to start the campaign , so I think you will need to iframe the landing page ,

    do you have any luck yet ?