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Longtime Software Developer. Newbie Affiliate Manger... Need Help!

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by BrandBriefer.com, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. BrandBriefer.com

    BrandBriefer.com Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to reach out to the community as I am totally new to the Affiliate world.

    This is great forum by the way!

    I'm longtime software developer looking to strike out on my own. My first product is called BrandBriefer.com.

    I think it strikes a rich untapped vein of freelance designers, design agencies, and their clients, so I feel there is a good opportunity there.

    My marketing budget is small but my expertise in this space is Zero. Hence my interest in affiliate marketing. Why not leave the marketing to the experts!

    My model is to recruit designers, to sell BrandBriefer.com to their clients and share the revenue. I also need people to recruit designers so I have put together a tiered program.

    I have a few questions that would love some feedback on:

    1. How can I effectively recruit top level affiliates to recruit designers? Are there any affiliates out there that are active in the design space?

    2. My program is run through Postaffiliate Pro. I run this program myself but I'm seeing loads of Ads for "Affiliate Networks" I'm not entirely sure what these do and how they are different to Postaffiliate Pro? As far as I can see they have the benefit of having an existing affiliate network to plug into... something PAP doesn't

    3. I'm also looking to find affiliates willing to feedback suggestions and comments they hear from users so as to better understand our users and develop out relevant functionality. What's a good way to incentives affiliates to do this.

    Many thanks for your answers.
  2. Voluum
  3. BrandBriefer.com

    BrandBriefer.com Affiliate affiliate

    Hi GrayBeard,

    It is an online platform for creating and managing design briefs. Ideal for Freelancers and small design shops.

    Creating decent design briefs is a major pain point for designers and clients that isn't currently not a served niche - hence the opportunity.

    It's a SaaS product so we offer recurring fees and a 2 tiered program.

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