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  • Hi, @ogads
    I'm contacting you because my account have been banned
    I don't know why, because i'm totaly legited
    May you figure out this issue
    I'll be greatfull, because i need this account to keep working
    just wandering
    i made an ogads landing page but what i don't understand IS the difference between the landing page and the content locker
    should i use the content locker inside the landing page or the content locker is working alone just buy hosting it inside an empty page
    i didn't found any explanation for this on google or youtube
    Hello you will send traffic to the landing page and users will follow thru to the content locker and complete offers.
    I have done facebook ads before and have an instagram acc.

    I put up my landing page in the description and post and follow on instagram. This is how I get traffic. Didn't make much.

    When I post on instagram with appropriate hashtags, I do get good follow backs and likes.

    I would love to know more about your network and join and make legit money.

    Looking forward for your reply.
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