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  1. G

    Emails for Affiliate Recruitment

    Hey everyone, Hope you are all doing well. I have looked at a few examples of emails that merchants will send to affiliates to invite them to their program but I wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth (whatever the saying is lol). Do you find that longer or shorter emails have a better...
  2. Alexey Pearce

    Who uses what resources to search for affiliates?

    Who uses what resources, marketplaces, forums [in additional to affiliatefix] to recruit new affiliates? Any recommendations?

    Longtime Software Developer. Newbie Affiliate Manger... Need Help!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to reach out to the community as I am totally new to the Affiliate world. This is great forum by the way! I'm longtime software developer looking to strike out on my own. My first product is called I think it strikes a rich untapped vein of...
  4. K

    Mow The Investor

    Hello there, My Name is Moe, I am a Real Estate Investor for more the 5 years, investing in the Canadian market. My Goal by joining is to network with some Affiliate Marketers, to help me promote some of the books I self published. if your interested in marketing Real Estate...
  5. J

    Hello All

    This is Jhon... I am glad to join with our Affiliate family. I would like to share my knowledge with you all & gain more information from your sides.
  6. Eric hunter

    :)Recruting New Affiliates To Canadian Immigration Services Company

    Hi! My name is Eric, Affiliate Manager of ItsCanadaTime. Our product is the smartest Immigration System On The Internet, and our clients get full cover services in order to help them reach to Canada safely. We have one of the highest commission plans in the industry that for sure. We pay per...
  7. K

    Getting Back to Affiliate Marketing

    Hi, I just got back to working on some affiliate marketing stuff. I used to work as an Affiliate Relations Officer before with a US-based OPM company. And now with my current AU client working on a new product (board game) and planning on launching an affiliate program I'm back on looking at...
  8. Recroot

    New member and affiliate program

    Hello all, Recroot here; happy to be part of AffiliateFix and being connected to you. Recroot is a broker between your recruitment leads and recruitment agencies. We help activate your network to refer recruitment leads to us. In return we give you up to $5,000 to keep, share, or donate to...
  9. SexTech

    Affiliates Wanted Recruiting Sex-Positive Affiliates

    Hi People! I'm Henk! I want to recruit 1000 affiliates for my affiliate program over the next two months. I am currently exploring paid options. If you know a company or work at a company that can recruit sex-positive affiliates to sell interactive luxury pleasure products, please leave a...