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  1. Z

    Hi everyone! Looking to connect with affiliate & brands, specifically in the b2b & Saas Industry!

    Hi all! My name is Zoey Schneider and I am obsessed with all things affiliate marketing! I have been in the industry for about two years now, and just recently took the leap of starting my own performance marketing agency! My agency typically focuses on helping technology startups and...
  2. MonRays

    Official New Updates: Improved Functionality And Features!

    Hi, we are happy to announce our latest updates on the platform. We have 4 news: Before, it was necessary to indicate the target in each push, pop, and inpage separately. Now, in order to speed up and make the management process easier, we have moved the targeting option "outside" from each...
  3. MonRays


    Affiliates can enhance their conversion rates and generate higher earnings, up to 20% more than their typical return on investment, by utilizing targeted notifications aimed at segmented groups within their audience. Why MonRays? ✅POP-UP: The pop-up is an effective way to attract the attention...
  4. AdBison


    AdBison is an advertising network with focus on convenience and performance for advertisers and publishers. With direct access to traffic from +12000 publishers AdBison also provides personal customer success manager, premium accounts, wide range of integrations and tools. AdBison is an...
  5. StatusCakeAffiliates

    Affiliates Wanted Affiliates Wanted To Promote Software Services 30% Lifetime Commission

    Looking for affiliates from any geos to join and earn 30% Lifetime Commission.
  6. Julia Postoplan

    Postoplan Affiliate Program - 50% from each sale

    Hi, my name is Julia, and i am glad to introduce Postoplan Affiliate Program Postoplan is a marketing platform that allows you to create, schedule and promote content. We already have more than 60k users who successfully schedule hundreds of posts every day to their social media accounts. We...
  7. digiroge

    Management tools for recurring services

    Hello, Does anyone know any SaaS/whitelabel for recurring services in any niche? We as product owners have been some time looking for one and finally we created one from scratch to meet our cc submit needs. Would like to check some other platforms to compare features and capabilites.
  8. SteveHolt

    Weekly Recurring Is Where It's At! 1.5m in 2018.

    If you can scale on Facebook ads with a software that charges recurring monthly or even weekly as we do... You'll do great
  9. Phill AdsBridge

    Push notifications at AdsBridge

    Hi everyone! :) We are eager to share the latest news with you! Our awesome tech team has developed a NEW FEATURE and now you can monetize your traffic using push-notifications at AdsBridge. Just place a code on your landing page and collect the base of subscriptions for further...
  10. Yaro

    Yaro here

    Hey Everyone! My name is Yaro and I've actually been in affiliate marketing for 4+ years, just as an affiliate manager. I'm looking to make a shift into this more of an "on-hand" experience to have a better financial grounding - and be a better marketer overall. If you have any questions, that...
  11. L

    Where are the best SaaS programs?

    Anyone else have trouble finding SaaS products to promote? Even when I do, they're typically in-house since there's no network specifically for them. I've found myself jumping across several reports, dashboards and payment schedules after signing up for all of them! Anyone else?
  12. A

    Digital Marketing Fan

    Hi. My name is Anastasia. I'm constantly looking for affiliates for my clients. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

    Longtime Software Developer. Newbie Affiliate Manger... Need Help!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to reach out to the community as I am totally new to the Affiliate world. This is great forum by the way! I'm longtime software developer looking to strike out on my own. My first product is called I think it strikes a rich untapped vein of...

    Just launched 1st tiered affiliate program...what do I do now??

    Hi, I’m really excited to be a part of affiliatefix I just set up my first affiliate program and any advice out there about how to make it a success would be greatly appreciated. I just wanted to bring to your attention a NEW SITE we have launched, that I think will be of great OPPORTUNITY...
  15. EmmaXiao

    What channels you find are effective for marketing?

    I am promoting a SaaS product and now have no idea where to find effective channels and what ways are better for promoting. Come on, give some advice!! THX!!