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Kimia - CPA network @ the PHX Forum

Discussion in 'Events and Networking' started by MarinaKimia, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. MarinaKimia

    MarinaKimia Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all,

    So, whos coming to the Phoenix Forum ( PHXForum)?! Lets meet there!

    For our affiliates, we offer more than 1.000 campaigns on our network. All of these are previously benchmarked on performance and competitiveness.

    Only the top 20% are published on our Kimia platform. We focus on premium offers for premium affiliates.

    Also, for webmasters, we not only provide 100% fill rate for your inventory, we also offer SEO-safe adcodes [​IMG]

    Karen and David will be at the event, if your curious to know what they look like in person write to us at [email protected] :D:


    Most of you will have heard of us, however heres some info about Kimia: Kimia.Mobi

    ... and of course our fix resource ;) : Official - Kimia | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix
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