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  1. Abraham DiGiAff

    Looking For Top DSP on Performance basis.

    Hey folks, Could you suggest us, Top DSP on performance basis and payment terms only PostPaid.
  2. Maxim Z

    Looking for Affiliates and Country resellers worldwide.

    PublBox is web-based Social Media Management Tool Kit for small business, freelancers and self-employed. Affiliates commission is 30 % of all referral payments lifetime. Country dealership is advanced sales partnership with commitments and related extra perks...
  3. M

    Introduction: Bezel Media

    Bezel Media is the result oriented affiliate network where we raise blazing star affiliate with cutting edge technology and nurturing the business environment. With years of experiences, we saw what actually draw back the quality and sometimes most of the network underestimates those to maximize...
  4. Mike Olvera

    Hello everybody...

    My name is Mike Olvera, I'm head of business development for Click4ads. Click4ads is the first true Networking Platform for established Performance Marketers. This digital space is designed to help key industry players engage and network with each other in a professional environment. I am...
  5. PerformanceInChris

    Good Evening all.

    As of 2 weeks ago I started an exciting new role at PerformanceIN live. I'm in charge of all things ticket related and also pretty new to this field of marketing. Willing to learn and speak to experts in their field on this forum. Here's a little about the event... PerformanceIN Live is a...
  6. R3DRUM

    Affiliate Marketing Should Be Easy!

    What is the most tedious part of affiliate marketing? Ans: Testing, testing and testing (Yes, i heard you) Test Offers Test Creatives/Landing Pages Test Traffic source What is the most frustrating part of affiliate marketing? Ans: Winning Offer gets paused after several days or weeks of...
  7. K

    Performance Based Traffic

    I've heard of a mythical rumor that you can find traffic sources where you pay on a performance basis - meaning you only pay for the traffic after it converts for you. It sounds way too good to be true, but even some well-known super affiliates swear these sources exist. Do they? If so, what...
  8. clickBakers

    Meet clickBakers at the London Affiliate Conference!

    Hi London! If you are going to the LAC and FPE in London 9-12 February make sure you will stop by clickBakers booth A5! Don`t miss the great opportunity to discover more about our affiliate tracking software for all performance marketers and get more information how to optimize your online...
  9. C


    Introducing A self-serve marketing platform to buy/sell traffic at a fixed rate in a closed network. As an advertiser you can buy from various networks in the ad exchange. Have full control of campaign creation to campaign serving. As a publisher you can set your own prices...
  10. Steevo

    Looking for UK email data owners to run our CPL campaigns

    I work for a London based performance marketing agency. We are always looking for more email data owners to run our campaigns. We have a wide range of offers from financial and lifestyle to home improvements and gambling, including some exclusives. We offer excellent pay out rates and we're...
  11. C

    Looking For Anyone interested in trying out our demo? - Ad Serving Platform

    We want you to try out a FREE demo account of CPXCenter. You will have full access of the user interface and that you would get with one of our paid accounts. You can play around with all aspects of the user interface including; campaign creating, searching for traffic via ad exchange, viewing...
  12. MarinaKimia

    Optimum IP Filtering w/ Kimia – It Makes A Difference

    The following post explains a typical affiliate situation we can find ourselves in and gives some strategic suggestions. There will be a follow up post that provides further solutions! Most affiliates are looking for that “white whale” that will bring in the revenue with the simplest strategy...
  13. MarinaKimia

    Kimia - CPA network @ the PHX Forum

    Hi all, So, whos coming to the Phoenix Forum ( PHXForum)?! Lets meet there! For our affiliates, we offer more than 1.000 campaigns on our network. All of these are previously benchmarked on performance and competitiveness. Only the top 20% are published on our Kimia platform. We focus on...
  14. Offerit-John

    Heading to Affiliate Summit?

    Hi Folks, If you are headed to Affiliate Summit West 2016, the Offerit Team and myself would love to meet up and provide an in-person demo of our platform for you to review. If you are interested in a private meeting, I have a few time slots available at the show to discuss business privately...
  15. N

    Introduction to nancy.mpire

    Hi everyone! I'm Nancy and I'm an Affiliate Manager with Mpire Network. I'm excited to be part of the Affiliatefix community and I look forward to interacting with you! Feel free to drop me a line to say hello :)
  16. Offerit-John

    What would you like to track that you can't currently?

    I enjoy getting feedback from affiliates and advertisers. In your current marketing tracking, are there any events you wish you had the ability to track? If so, what are they? Thanks, John
  17. Offerit-John

    Who runs their own Offer Network?

    Hello All, Looking around I see a lot of affiliates on here and this has caused me to wonder... Do any of you here run your own network or are thinking about it? If so, what are your biggest concerns and what types of features get you excited when it comes to performance marketing...
  18. Morticai

    Ask Me Anything Performance Marketing

    Hey Everyone, Some of you may know me, most of you probably don't. I've ran $xx,xxx/day affiliate campaigns. I'm willing to share my knowledge with everyone, because there is way to much mis information out there. Why am I doing this? Your question will help me come up with new content for...