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  1. Deeptanshu

    Review Online Training for Affiliate Marketers - Wealthy Affiliate

    If you like to see the full review you can see it on here I am just giving an overview of the affiliate program. The Wealthy Affiliate is made for beginners. If you have in no way built an internet site or promoted an affiliate provide, WA absolutely goes step by step to show you...
  2. danielrog

    Official Looking for Affiliate marketers to promote health&beauty products

    Hello, Currently, Lidango LLC is expanding its affiliate marketing looking for people like you - to promote our health&beauty products, CPL basis, with payouts reaching up to $30 per lead generated. If you are interested, contact me live:rogachevmarketingATgmailDOTcom or...
  3. Swadesh

    How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

    Inbound selling works by promoting the content that's desired to be unfolded to the most important range of individuals doable. So as to try and do this, the goal is to market an inspiration can produce loyal customers UN agency will keep returning for a lot of.
  4. Swadesh

    Is There Money in Affiliate Marketing?

    If you are looking at instant cash then the solution would be no. However if you are asking if affiliate selling will cause you to cash then the solution is affirmative. That being same there are a few of caveats - like any business chance, be it on-line or within the world. Depending on that...
  5. Mobidea

    The Best Affiliate Marketing Verticals of 2017!

    Sweepstakes, nutra, mobile content, binary options…you sometimes feel lost in the offer jungle of the affiliate marketing world! Are you tired of all these different verticals attacking you everyday? Are you done with Googling and scrolling for answers? No need to despair! Here comes your...
  6. B

    Pay Per Call Lead Gen

    Hello, my name is Blake and I work at HyperTarget Marketing. We are an affiliate network that specializes in pay per call lead generation. We currently work in multiple verticals and are always open to testing new offers out. If you are interested in receiving high quality calls from consumers...
  7. Mobidea

    Affiliate Marketing Guide (2016) - The "All You Need to Know"

    [Disclaimer: this article belongs to Mobidea Academy. Find the original article here.] Affiliate Marketing Network One of the most important partners a Media Buyer has is an affiliate network. It’s basically an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and advertisers (offer owners)...
  8. F

    Hi everyone, Franky here!!

    Actually, my name is Frank but all of my friends call me Franky. I am new to affiliate marketing and here to learn and eventually strive to get to the point where I can share new techniques and ideas that I have developed in this industry. So thank you for having me and I look forward to a...
  9. D

    Affiliate Manger for Smart ADV

    I'm an account manager for exclusive affiliate marketing company that prides itself on delivering the highest level of service in the industry. We have top performing CPL/CPA/CPS campaigns in all major verticals including but not limited to Auto, Financial, Health & Beauty, Dating, etc.....We...
  10. M

    Affiliates Wanted Do you have US Traffic?

    We are looking for affiliates with US traffic to promote our email/search/display and Pay Per Call offers. You can see more details on the resources page - Regal Ads | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix Or go direct to the signup page using the link in my signature.
  11. Mobidea

    Campaigns – What’s Dynamic Tracking?

    Some of you have certainly come across these two words: Dynamic Tracking. Today, I’m gonna explain what this means and how important it is for those of us dedicated to Media Buying. Dynamic tracking is a tool that allows you to send information from the ad-network of your choice to your...
  12. MarinaKimia

    Kimia - CPA network @ the PHX Forum

    Hi all, So, whos coming to the Phoenix Forum ( PHXForum)?! Lets meet there! For our affiliates, we offer more than 1.000 campaigns on our network. All of these are previously benchmarked on performance and competitiveness. Only the top 20% are published on our Kimia platform. We focus on...
  13. C

    Official CPAHeaven [Deleted]

    CPAHeavenJohn submitted a new resource: CPAHeaven - Earn more from your website traffic Read more about this resource...
  14. MarinaKimia

    Official ArmorAds [Deleted]

    MarinaKimia submitted a new resource: Kimia - The premium performance network. Read more about this resource...